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NO! I was on depo and it screwed me up! It causes you not to ovulate, so you can't get pregnant.

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When do you go to a fertility clinic?

A couple goes to a fertility clinic when they are facing problems with conceiving a child. Inorder to determine if the couple are fertile or not, the fertility clinic will perform a series of tests to determine if they can conceive or not.

How is IVF related to unnecessary interference in life?

IVF or in-vitro fertilization is an artificial means of conceiving a child. Many people think this type of fertility help is unethical, in favor of letting nature take it's own course. But people that are opposed to these types of procedures usually have no trouble conceiving and are blessed with children.

Does it take longer to conceive your second child?

Usually not, most women have less trouble conceiving - after they've done it once. Occasionally a woman will develop "secondary infertility" - for reasons usually unknown, after having no trouble conceiving initially - they become infertile. It is not common.

Can obese women get pregnant?

Yes, you certainly can. You'll risk some possible complications, but if there is no other health or fertility problem, your weight should not prevent you from conceiving and bearing a child.

What is limit age of male and female for conceiving the child?

On average, female fertility stops at about 51 or 52 years of age. Men can continue to impregnate women into their 70s and beyond.

Can you get pregnant after having syphilis?

It depends on how long you had the disease and what damage it may have done to you. If it was treated promptly there should be no problems conceiving another child.

How does having HenochSchonlein Purpura as a child affect conception and pregnancy?

I had it as a child (5yo/F) and have not had any trouble in regard to fertility or pregnancy. Became pregnant at 23 and had an uneventful pregnancy and normal delivery. Hope that helps.

My minor child was accused of giving someone Marijuana is he in trouble?

Intent to distribute, corruption of a minor if it was another child, possession.

Can a man ever become pregnant?

It is physically impossible for a male to conceive a child. Males do not have ovaries, so there for are unable to produce ovum, which is the first step to conceiving a child. Current cases of males conceiving a child, were actually women who took part in a sex change, but kept their reproductive organs.

Conceiving a child for the purpose of organ donor?

i think that's WRONG get a different organ donner!!!

What are the arguments for and against IVF?

For IVF: It lets couples that have found difficulty in conceiving a child have a child that is their own biologically. It lets a woman that has found difficultly in conceiving a child to experience pregnancy and form a bond with her child. Against IVF: It can result in multiple pregnancies, which can leave parents in a desperate financial situation or worse, multiple miscarriage/stillbirth.

Using current genetic engineering techniques can provide potential benefits for parents?

conceiving a child who is a bone marrow match to a living child.

What is pregenancy?

Pregnancy is when a woman is conceiving her child. This is when her stomach will balloon up, and after about nine months, the baby will be born.

What is the role of contraceptive regarding family planning?

The role of contraceptives in regards to family planning is to allow sexually active couples to engage in intercourse without the intention of conceiving a child, and the couple can decide to discontinue using the contraceptives when they are ready to engage in intercourse with the intention on conceiving a child.

Can there be fertility problems having a child after a c-section?


If you are planning to move to another state with your child and the father does not agree but you move anyway without telling him you have will you get in trouble although you are not married?

He can file an injunction to have the child returned.

Is having a baby in a dream have something to do with hitting the lottery?

Yes. If you are conceiving a child in a dream it means you will win the Powerball.

If mother has O positive and the father has O negative does it cause any problem in conceiving or for the child during pregnancy?


When conceiving a child does the mother or father contribute to having a boy?

neither one is the cause of the gender, it just happens.

If one adult takes child to park and leaves them and another comes picks her up then the girl runs away who is in trouble?

the adult who took the child to the park and left them.

If I say my child has trouble reading. Is the reference to my child third person?

Yes it is third person singular, that is why you use has and not have. My child have trouble reading

Can sixth graders make out?

Six graders are capable of conceiving a child. Just because you are able to do something does not mean that you should.

Can you get into trouble if your paying child support for a child and you live with the person your paying the child support to?

No, as long as the money paid is going to the house where the child lives then you can not get into trouble at all. However, if the child and her mother are receiving any form of state assistance you and the mother could get into trouble for committing fraud.

Can you change the results of a home pregnancy test?

why would you want to.. ?????????????????? conceiving a child should not be faked.. and if your doing it for a boy he will just hate you more when he finds out your not pregnant... think of the aftermath.. why would you want to.. ?????????????????? conceiving a child should not be faked.. and if your doing it for a boy he will just hate you more when he finds out your not pregnant... think of the aftermath..

Who has more fertility blondes or brunettes?

Neither both have an equal chance at conceiving a child. when people say this, blondes tend to look younger, making them more fertile. But thats a stereotype. In fact, Men dont even prefer blondes over brunettes. and if they do and they pick someone because of there hair color, they are there fore, DOUCHES

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