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Birth defects can come from the sperm, but I've never seem caffeine listed as a dangerous substance.

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Q: I want to conceive a child but am worried that high levels of caffeine consumed by my husband can cause birth defects or problems. Can birth defects come from the sperm and Can antibiotics do any harm?
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What is the effect of caffein on the body?

Caffeine in the body raises blood pressure. It also increases heart rate. Caffeine is something that should be consumed in moderation by most people, to avoid problems.

What do caffeine do to you?

Caffeine is a stimulant that temporarily reduce the sensation of being tired. Extreme amounts of caffeine can cause health problems.

Should caffeine given to heart patient?

No. It's not recommended as the caffeine is a stimulant and can cause problems with cardiac patients. If they do consume caffeine it is recommended to keep the caffeine intake to a minimum at least.

Will there be problems if one does not want to conceive?

Everyone is free to make their own choice, so if you're choice is not to conceive, then no one can judge you about that, but the only problem that can occur for you is that your partner or the person who you'll be with might want to conceive and might want to have children and have a family, so to avoid having problems in any future relationship you get involved in, you have to make sure that your partner doesn't want to conceive too, and as long as you have an agreement about that, then you won't have any problems.

Why caffeine bad for you?

For healthy adults at low dosages, no. Those who have heart problems, are pregnant, etc. should not take caffeine.

Can you take antibiotics after drinking wine?

Yes, you can take antibiotics after drinking wine. However, this is not advised because it can cause problems with the antibiotics being absorbed properly.

What are the risks of caffeine?

Caffeine is alright in small amounts, but too much can be dangerous to your health. On a lower level, too much caffeine can cause insomnia (problems sleeping), jittery-ness, anxiety, and a "crash" of caffeine drop later in the day. On a more serious level, too mucb caffeine can cause heart problems, like murmurs or skipped / too many beats. In a pregnant woman, caffeine can cause organ problems, developmental disabilities, and severe heart risks for the child. (Some easy ways to cut out caffeine is to get de-caf coffee or sodas.)

What effect can caffeine have on other medications?

Caffeine may cause problems for people with certain medical conditions or who are taking certain medicines.

What problems does caffeine cause?

It can cause bad anxiety and jitterness, even numbness in extremities. As far as major health problems, its important to limit caffeine when pregnant because it can cause birth defects. Caffeine is also a natural diuretic so you will urinate more, so I guess if all you drink is caffeine you may have a bit of dehydration.

Can a mother with AB- blood type conceive with a father A plus?

Yes, but there may be some problems.

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