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I want to get color changing paint for my car like in csi Miami what is it called?

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What is LIMONITE used for?

limonite is used for changing the color of paint from red to yellow. and made in white paint

Where can you buy Photochromic Paint?

You can purchase photochromic (color changing) paints at most automotive paint stores.

Is paint changing color a chemical property?

Yes, it is achemical change (not property).

What is a substances that give color to objects such as paint hair and fibber are called?

what is a substances that give color to objects,such as paint,hair,and fibber,are called

What tools & equipment do I need when painting?

If you are changing the color of the walls to a color that is not similar to the color that is on your walls now you will need to first prime them with primer paint. Make sure you get plastic to put on your floors so that paint does not get on them. You will alos need a ladder paint brushes and paint rollers.

What is the paint code for Miami blue?

Miami blue - paint code L51C

Is paint a breed of horse or color of horse?

The Paint is a breed with the spotted pattern called pinto.

What color is a painted horse?

A paint horse can be any color so long as it displayes pinto markings. A solid colored paint is called a breeding stock paint. or solid colored paint-bred.

98 Catera is white but what is the name of the color of the paint?

The color of the white 98 Catera (which I have) is called pearl.

Is there a color called titty pink?

Titty Pink was a real GM paint color code.

What is the color code 1969 Plymouth roadrunner yellow?

I believe the color was called top bananna, at least that's what dodge called it and if you go to NAPA you should be able to get the code for it from their paint books they have and they can also get you the paint.

What color is Miley Cyrus' bedroom?

Her bedroom walls color is called Lucy Blue and you can get the paint at Lowes!!

What paint color tones down a salmon paint color?

how do you tone down the color salmon

Is scraping paint of a door a chemical change?

no. in order for a chemical change to take place the chemical make up of the paint would need to change, such as a color change. when you peel paint off a door you arent changing its chemical state.

Is paint a coat color?

No. Paint is not a color it is a breed. Pinto is a coat color that looks like a paint, yet can be on any other breed that alows it, but paint is it's own breed.

Color Place Paint?

form_title= Color Place Paint form_header= Paint your home with help from the pros. What color do you need?*=_[50] What rooms will you be painting?*=_[50] What is your budget for paint?*=_[50]

What color colt will you have if you breed a paint to a sorrel?

It would depend on what color the Paint horse is. (Paint is a breed, Pinto is a marking, neither are an exact color.)

What does the word paint mean?

paint means any type of color that is color water but it drys to make paint

Paint Color Ideas?

form_title= Paint Color Ideas form_header= Your home is a reflection on you. Paint your home. What room(s) are you painting?*= _ [50] What color paint would you like?*= _ [50] Are you painting over an existing color?*= () Yes () No

Can you use a base paint without colorant added?

It is the paint, the color is just color and does not change the base paint. Depending on the grade of paint it may not cover as well as it would with color added.

How does paint get its color?

Pigments are added to the paint.

What is the brightness of color called?

The brightness of a color is called colorfulness, in the fashion and paint world. In the electronic world, and perhaps other disciplines, the brightness of a color is called saturation. In both instances, the brightness of a color is achieved through the removal of black, leaving only the pure color. Taken to the extreme, the brightest a color can be is often called fluorescent color.

What color wall paint goes with rust furniture?

what color wall paint goes with rust color furniture

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