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Some flat irons won't work in Europe, even with an adaptor. The voltage is too high, and if your flat iron doesn't have the voltage conversion number listed on it, then you can't use an adaptor. For instance, on some hair dryers it might say 125-250V. That tells you it will convert itself to use less power when you plug it in to an adaptor. But many flat irons only say 120V, and that tells you it will not be able to be used with an adaptor. I would suggest purchasing a new flat iron, one that has the ability to to use less voltage, or buy one with a European plug. That's what I did when I traveled to Italy.

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How do you use flat iron?

you use a flat iron by parting your hair into sections, then take a section of hair placing your flat iron near the roots and slowly drag the iron down your hair making it straight . hope this helped.

How can one curl hair with a flat iron?

To curl your hair with a flat iron, select a skinny flat iron. Next, put a small amout of gel in your hair to protect it and then dry your hair completely. Take a small section of hair and curl around the iron while maintaining tension. Repeat as necessary.

How do straighteners work?

well it depends on your hair and your flat iron. if you have a good flat iron and really wavy hair or just wavy hair it might take a little longer than nicer hair.

Can your hair fall off by flat ironing it?

Yes it can but not too much.Tma(take my advise) try as much as you can to not flat iron it. It is healthier for your hair.

What will happen if you flat iron your hair before you take a shower?

nothing wiLL happen , but it you wash it after yuu fLat iron it , it wiLL go back to thee way you had before you fLat ironed it .

How can you curl your hair with a pencil?

First take your pencil and roll your hair on it.Then you take a flat iron then squeeze it with it.Finally spay on hairspray with or without the pencil on

Does a CHI flat iron curl your hair as well as a curling iron?

With practice, the 1 inch CHI flat iron can curl your hair as well as a curling iron. The technique might take some getting used to at first, so the more you practice the better you will get. Spraying your hair with hairspray after you're finished will help your curls stay in place and last longer.

Can you curl your hair after you flat iron it?

Yes, but you don`t want to flat iron it too much because then when you curl it, it will take an extremely long time to get a nice curl. But honestly, your curls look more natural and thick if you don`t flat iron it before you curl it.

How do you make your ag doll hair straight?

step one take ur ag doll and wash its hair step two let it drip dry as shown on website when it is completely dry comb its hair so it is very soft and easy to comb step three if it is still not straight take an flat iron that does not get too hot and take peice by peice and flat iron it

Does straightening really curly hair about twice a year ruin it or take out some of the curl?

If by straightening you mean with a flat iron then no, it won't cause your hair to lose curl.

What are some cute hairstyles for black teen with relaxed hair?

You could flat iron your hair and take your bangs on the side of your face and twist them and tie them together in the back of your head with a hair tie

How do you curl your hair with a flat iron?

First turn on your straight iron. Let it heat up. Spray your hair with hair protectant to keep from damaging your hair. Take a small piece of your hair. Put it in the straight iron and twist it Move down slowly making sure your still twisting it. If you see smoke your damaging your hair, it's turning the water in your hair to steam. Your damaging your hair. Goodluck

How do you make a curly hair without a curling iron?

You can either curl it with a flat iron (a rounded one works best, but any will do...), or for a wavy look, you can take a shower at night and while it's still wet, braid it. In the morning just take it out, and you will have wavy hair. :)

How do you take out kinky twists?

If you have kinky hair and don't want to get a chemical relaxer, try the Maxiglide flat iron, it helps take out the texture and straighten your hair with ceramic detangling pins and steamburst technology that is especially good for hair with extra texture.

What kind of hair style does chachi gonzales have?

Olivia Chachi Gonzales has Long trimmed hair with side swept bangs if you have normal bangs you can create side swept bangs too just by a flat iron NOT curling iron! just take your bangs take the flat iron and start ironing going BEHIND your head not to the side or straight... When you get the motion your bangs should go side swept! It will look even better if you trim your hair into layers!

How do you pin curl a weave?

you will need a flat iron or medium sized curler, hair pins or silver hair clamps.curl the hair with the flat iron and roll it as if you are putting rollers in your hair with your fingers tuck it tight and pin it , when taking it down take your time pulling out the pins so you want mess up your curls*** USE A LITTLE HAIRSPRAY IF U JUST WASHED YOUR HAIR BUT NOT ON WEAVES IT TAKES AWAY BODY***: ) ERICA K.

What is better for the hair flat iron or blower?

im not sure,but ive heard a flat iron burns or ruins all your hairs natural oils.Because flat irons are liek 450 degrees so i guess blower.but dont take my word for it i might be wrong sorry if i wasted your time,i !gud luck

What to apply on the scalp to avoid hair fall?

Hair fall? For keeping the volume in your hair you can use Volumising shampoo and conditioner, When blow drying your hair lift your hair up by the roots and focus on there, But you should ALWAYS use some kind of Heat protector when blow drying and using a flat iron, When i use my flat irons i take a section of hair and piece by peice i start from the roots and in a curling motion i turn the flat iron so it leavs a curve in the hair and then do the rest of the hair normally :) and if that's nor working try back combing and Shockwaves ultra strong hold hair spray

How do i get Kristen Stewart's hair?

Well if your hair isn't her color you have to dye it. I recommend you go to a salon for it. The top of her hair is a Chestnut and the bottom half is black. The styling is easy. If your hair is curly curly you might want to buy a flat iron. I use a CHI. Half flat iron it, leave some wave. Take your hand through your bangs and move it up. Leave it the way it is and it will fall like hers. Hope helped.

How do you straighten your hair without a flat iron?

. Here is a method I heard called wrap around. 1) Take a jumbo sized roller & curl the hair at ur crown middle section in the roller.2)Comb your hair. Your hair should now be straightened.

How do you make your hair look great?

I put my hair in a French braid over night, and then in the morning I run my flat iron over the braid and hair spray it. Then I take the braid out and hair spray it even more. Everyone seems to like it since I get tons of complements:P

How many hours does it take to get from indianapolisIN to parisFrance?

what is the flight time from Indianapolis In to Paris France

Does the chi flat iron work well?

Yes it works well i went to a profetional hair salon and belive it or not that's what they used!! it dose take time maby 2hr. (if you have alot of hair) or maby 1hr. but the results are great it left my hair silky smoth

Which hair straightener should you use if your hair is thick frizzy and curly?

One suggestion for a straightener is a "Conair Platnium" flat iron. Another one would be "Chi Flat Irons" which are usually very thin in width and that helps with making hair more defined and straight compared to the thicker flat irons. If you do use the Chi flat irons, part your hair and only use little bits of hair at a time when straightening it. This way the straight hair would last longer.Another contributor suggests using a Remington T/Studio as your hair will stay straight until you take a shower again.

What is the best flat iron for your hair?

Truly to my point of view the best hair straightener is Chi, because I have been borrowing it from my sister and it really is great to use. It straightens your hair immediately and it does not take that long to heat up!It is great with the hair, but do not have any part of your hair wet while doing it,because people said that it would burn your hair if it was not dried completely.