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since you were the one driving the car you were responsible for the safety of all passengers in the car. so by law you get the ticket for him not wearing his seatbelt.

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Q: I was driving to work in the passenger seat with my boyfriend. We got pulled over because I didn't have my seatbelt on. But the cop gave me both copies of the ticket.leaving him no copy. I'm confused?
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Passenger over 21 not wearing seatbelt who gets ticket?


Who gets ticket for a passenger not wearing seatbelt in state of Tennessee?

the passenger

How can a passenger tell when the seatbelt is properly used?

its not When it clicks or When the seatbelt is very tight across the sternum and lap.

If you are stopped by a police officer while driving and your passenger is not wearing a seatbelt the officer can cite who?

In most cases both the driver and the passenger can be cited. The logic is that the passenger has a responsibility to wear a seatbelt and the driver has a responsibility to be sure that they do.

How do you fix a stuck seatbelt passenger side mazada 626?

Once a seatbelt starts sticking its gonzo and needs to be replaced.

Is driver responsible for a 16 year old passenger to wear seatbelt?

In most states yes. Both the driver and the passenger will get a ticket.

How do you disable the passenger seatbelt and door light sound on a 1989 Honda Accord?

Unplug the door switch.

How do you repair a locked rear seatbelt for a clio?

my back passenger seat belt is stuck it wont release

Who gets the ticket if a passenger over 18 is not wearing seatbelt and has no id on him?

The passenger. If he or she is over 18 then they are responsible for their own actions, additionally they will receive a citation for having no I.D.

What to do if passenger seat does not always heat up?

The seat belt has to be ingaged for heater to work. The seatbelt has to be ingaged to work

If a passenger in a vehicle you are driving is under the age of 16 who's responsibility is it to see heshe is wearing a seatbelt?

the driver

Why is your E430 srs light is on when passenger is sitting in seat?

If they don't have their seatbelt and are sitting in the seat the SRS light will come on.

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