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I was seeing a guy 2 years my junior an he was all about his ex girlfirend yet when was around me he claims he hated her infact he tried to convince me that he hated her what should have i believed?

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August 26, 2007 8:53PM

What should you have believed? Well, I personally don't think

you can go from love to hate like flipping a switch. I think his

use of the term "convincing you that he HATED her" is his way of

saying I used to be with her for quite a long time, but even now

I'm with you I can't always not think about her, even though I try.

You can see I'm one of those romantics who believes that you can

never completely wash a human being out of your life. It takes time

to heal. It means you have to sit him down and tell him you

understand that she exists and always will exist, but he is with

you now, and what you really want is for him to expend the energy

he fakes in hating her and redirect it into meeting your needs.

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