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By saying the door "bumps" I'm assuming you mean it hits the striker hard. To find out if hinge pins are worn or if it's another issue grab the door by the handle while it's open and lift it up or down if it moves excessively the pins and or bushings are worn. You might find good used hinges in the junkyard.As far as the rollers go they are refering to the roller on the hinge that rubs against the u shaped spring that can be the cause of your "bumping" as well.Once again find good used examples in the Junk yard and be done with it.

2006-09-20 17:06:59
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What is wrong when a car sqeaks when driving?

I would guess sway bar bushings or strutts. what vehicle and constantly or only on bumps?

Herpes bumps always have to be in clusters?

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What makes a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron sedan groan when going over speed bumps or when you climb into the front seat or if you push up and down on the fenders?

Your shocks or worn bushings are the most likely causes.

My 2003 dodge neon sxt makes squeaky sound when going over speed bumps?

Check the sway bar links and bushings

What is the squeaking sound you hear when 1996 passport goes over bumps?

Probably dried out shocks or struts, but it could be bushings in the front steering arms

Why does your 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan make a loud popping sound when going over bumps braking accelerating?

check your swaybar links and bushings

How do I fix a Porsche Boxster horn that honks going over bumps?

Replace the Airbag/horn bracket in the steering wheel, rubber bushings are worn out,

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What is the squeaking noise in the front of your 1997 Plymouth Breeze when going over slight bumps at 35 mpr?

Probably strut mounts or control arm bushings.

What are car bushes or bushings?

Little rubber parts that help to cushion a car's suspension system, if they wear out you can hear a knocking noise when going over bumps.

What causes a car's rear to make loud thumping noise when making turns or riding over bumps?

Possibly a broken shock or bad stabilizer bushings

What is with my 2002 Dodge Caravan front end noise Clunking noise front wheels on bumps?

check your stabilizer links as well as your sway bar bushings. the sway bar bushings might look ok but what happens is the hole gets egg shapped causes clunkinking noise s going over bumps. just had the same problem in my shop. 2002 dodge caravan.

What can make a cars front wheels make a loud clunking noise when going over bumps?

worn stabilizer end link, worn stabilizer bushings, worn control arm bushings, worn strut mount, worn ball joints. Take your pick

What would cause a rattle like metal on metal in the front suspension of a 1999 Tahoe when going over bumps?

Sounds like the shock bushings are worn out are loose.

What could cause a loud thud noise when turning steering wheel left and right and when going over bumps?

could be control arm bushings gone bad

Clunking noise made when turning right and going over small bumps you have checked everything and can only come up with maybe it's a spring without taking spring off do you know how you can tell?

* Clunking Noise Over Bumps PROBABLE CAUSEREMEDY Loose shock absorber mountings. Tighten nuts, or replace bushings. Loose strut mounting nut. Tighten or replace mounting nut. Worn shocks or struts. Replace struts or shocks. Deteriorated suspension bushings. Replace bushings.

1991 lebaron convertible metal clunk sound over bumps and turns replaced shocks no bent suspension pieces any ideas?

Check control arm bushings and other suspension parts specifically front swaybar bushings- these were a known problem for Chrysler- your dealer stocks them

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My ford explorer runs and sounds fine except that it makes this big thud sound from underneath. It is random and happens sometimes over bumps and then other times I go over bumps and nothing.?

You might want to have someone check the front suspension radius arm bushings.

What causes a clunk noise in the front end of your 2005 Saturn Vue?

If the Saturn Vue is anything like the Saturn ION, chances are it's the front sway bar bushings. A design flaw caused them to wear out prematurely. This causes a clunking noise when going over bumps. It is also very possible that it is a front control arm bushing. Start with the sway bar bushings (since they are cheap) then check the control arm bushings.

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