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Yes ... call and make an appointment soon. Anytime something abnormal happens in our bodies like this we should seek the advice of our physician. They are trained for this and will be able to provide an answer.

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What can you expect if you miscarry at 14 weeks pregnant?

most likely a d&c would need to be performed because the foetus may not be expelled naturally.

What should you expect when you are pregnant?

... a baby?

Your period started on 15th day of embryo transfer what does it mean is it normal?

Your doctor should have told you what to expect. I am afraid it means the embyo didn't implant and you are not pregnant.

If your having twins can you miscarry one of them?

Last year I was pregnant for twins but didn't even know it until I miscarry one that was hiding the other twin.. I was 11 weeks when I lost the twin.. We could tell from about 6 weeks that the one up front wasn't growing and knew I'd lose it. But didn't expect the other twin to be there when they checked me out with a ultrasound. I didn't have any bleeding or cramping until the miscarriage happened... Then I still didn't cramp and only spotted for a few days but then it stopped and that's when we found out about the other baby... Now my son is 3 months old, happy and healthy!

What should one expect when being pregnant?

What to expect when you are pregnant is the subject of volumes of literature, and is too vast to be covered here. One notable publication that covers this topic in great detail is the book, "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

Your female rabbit bred like 1 to 2 weeks ago and im not sure if she conceived but today you saw in her cage her fur all over the corner of it does this mean she is pregnant?

Hi there, Yes if you have breed her about two weeks ago then you will probably expect to have baby bunnies in about two weeks time if she doesn't miscarry.

Can you get pregnant the day before you expect your period?

yes you can get pregnant anytime after you have already had your very first period.

What should one expect when pregnant with twins?

You can expect a lot of things when pregnant with twins. You will have more scans, you will be bigger and more uncomfortable, and you will need more preparation of when the special day arrives.

Can you still be pregnant if there is white discharge?

lol yess ! discharge is very normal during pregnancy, expect to see Alot more of it too ! although if it has a foul smell tell your doctor as it could be an infection

Is my husband's sperm normal after 3 months of being off methotrexate When can we expect to get pregnant?

Your best bet is to go to a doctor and get a sperm analysis done. They can identify any issues, if any, that your husband may have.

What can the parents of 14 yr old pregnant teen expect?


How long after stopping to use the pill can someone expect to get pregnant?

Immediately after stopping pills you can expect pregnancy (after regular unprotected sex!).

How much money can a doctor expect to make?

16% per year

What kind of working environment can you expect as a doctor?

safe and clean and healthy

When helping a pregnant woman with a drinking addiction you should not?

expect instant success (:

You are 12 and pregnant how do you tell your boyfriend he is the father?

First, ask your mother to take you to the doctor to verify if you are pregnant. You can then tell the boyfriend. As a child, you should expect your parents to lead the way to what happens next. Answer Just say "I'm pregnant". Then decide what you want to do regarding keeping it, adoption or abortion and if you decide to keep it, invite him and his parents so they know too. I would say your biggest issue is not telling him you are pregnant.

My scan showed that i am 7weeks and 3 days pregnant but the doctor figured out that i am 5 weeks and 3 days which one do i go by?

This is a hard one. Science isn't exact, and scanners are sometimes wrong anyway. if you go for 6weeks pregnant, then you can expect a time that won't seem too short or too long.

What can one expect when 35 weeks pregnant?

When one is 35 weeks pregnant, one can expect to gain about 25 to 29 lbs in weight. The baby should be moving downwards towards the pelvis region at 35 weeks pregnancy.

Im 6 months pregnant and a teenager and im having a boy what do you expect?

Now that you are pregnant for the six months , your boy was responsible to get you in this mess.

What can you expect to earn as a beginner as a doctor?

Alot of money for your salary , that's for sure :-)

Can other moms expect you are pregnant?

Yes!Sometimes peole can tell when somethings wrong....

Has Jesse McCartney got anyone pregnant?

Awkward Question .. but no one knows expect him

What to expect on your dogs first pregnancy?

first, expect that she is testy with any other household pets you may have~ also she probably will start to shake violently right before she gives birth. You may not be able to tell she is pregnant until she is closer to her due date so dont be disappointed! my dog just had puppies and this is what happened with her;)

I have a shi tu that got a tea cup yorkie pregnant. How many puppies can we expect and are there any dangers to the yorkie?

Only expect the same dangers you'd expect from any other female pregnant dog. Talk to your vet if you're worried. As for puppies, there could be as few as one or two to as many as fifteen.

What should you expect of a pregnant horse?

you may expiriance some strange activitie unless you know shes pregnant then you can expect she will be verry hungry a lot considering shes feeding 2 horses includiong herself. call a vetrinarian for more help.