Chevy Cavalier Z24

I was wondering if anyone could tell you how to take out a car door lock from the outside of the car on a 1996 cavalier z24?



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I have replaced many locks over th eyears and I have not found one lock that you could replace from otuside the door. All the locks I have done have either a locking nut or a clip that holds it on the INSIDE of the door. If locks were made to be removed from the outside as you woudl like, this would mean anyoen could take the door lock off your car just standing on the outside of the car. This is not very secure. You will probably need to remove the armrest, inner door panel, and the weather shielding and possibly disconnect the manual latching mechanisms as well as some electrical connections (usually just plugs) have some very bright light available to look inside the door and make notes on what hooks to what because some of these locking mechanisms have several different control rods that move different things inside the door. If you have pwer door locks, make sure before you replace the lock, that it is not the solenoid. The solenoid is what activates the levers to lock and unlock your doors. They do go bad. If you want to change out a door lock........and you know the solenoid is good, then the door lock will need to be removed by either removing the nut or clip on the back of the lock and then you can pull the lock out thru the outside of the door. Also have a magnet handy to pick up any nuts you may drop into the inside of the door. It's very cramped space in there and be careful of all the sharp edges. Good luck