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i had the same problem all it means is you might be starting.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-29 17:49:49
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Q: I wiped and there was blood but no period?
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Is it implanation bleeding if you wiped and saw light pink blood on toilet paper and wiped again and it was gone 2 days before period and is now 1 day late?


Could you be pregnant if you had a spot of blood on your tissue and when you wiped it again there was no blood?

It's possible. The blood you saw could have been a result of implantation bleeding. Wait until you miss your period and then take a test.

When you went to the bathroom and wiped you saw blood on the tissue but this has only happened twice in the last two days is it your first period?


You are 13 and when you wiped there was blood?

[You are 13 and when you wiped there was blood] congrats that means you started your peirod tell your mother and she will get you supplies good luck

I went to the bathroom and when I wiped it was all red and bloodyall day in school when I would wipe I would only find blood on the toilet paper Not in the toilet Is it my period?


Female wakes up this morning peed wiped and there was a decent amount of bright red blood on the toilet paper What could cause this?

Your probably having your period, if you're female.

Is a period blood?

a period is blood

After sexual intercourse you notice as you wiped yourself you had very light blood but nothing else after could that be do to rough intercourse?

it is called period women have it between the ages (ralely) 8 - 100

How much blood is there on your first period?

not that much. usually you'll be able to feel it and get to the bathroom before it makes a mark on your pants. usually it just feels like you havn't wiped after you peed.

What chemical can be used to detect blood when been wiped from a surface?


You havent had a period in one and a half months and today when you wiped it was as though you had just ended your period Are you pregnant?

You could be. What you saw when you wiped could be spotting, which is light brown or pink in color and that happens during implantation.

After you went pee you wiped and your pee had an orange red tint to it?

It could one of two answers- * You could be starting your period * Or you may have have a medical condition where you pee'd blood. Talk to your mom or somthing.

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