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US Civil War

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Why were poll taxes created

What is a graduated income tax

What sparked the beginning of the Civil War

When Abraham Lincoln was elected president what was the result for the southern states

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US Civil War

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The years immediately after the civil war were known as

What are the civil war amendments

What was the goal of the Sherman Antitrust Act

The assimilation of native Americans was a goal of

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African-American History

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How did the end of the Civil War and Reconstruction impact the representation of the South in Congress

Why did some college leaders believe that the freed slaves should learn job skills

Was common in many african american churches

What was an argument made by supporters of vocational training in African American colleges

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Q: Ideas about how to create a confederacy?
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Why did the confederacy hate Lincoln?

the confederacy hated lincolns ideas because the southerns needed their slaves in order for them to produce cotton and other stuff.

What does it mean to synthesize ideas?

To synthesize ideas is to create new ideas from existing ones.

Why did Tecumseh wanted to create a strong confederacy of native Americans with the backing To resist white settlement?

Tecumseh's goal was to create a pan-tribal confederacy powerful enough to counter and resist the United States.

Who does Jefferson Davis say choose to create the confederacy?


In order to create a Northern Confederacy Massachusetts federalists would have to what from the union?


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Who does Jefferson Davis say chose to create the confederacy?

He says that the people of the south will have hope if the south wins.

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The importance of new ideas are to create new jobs and opportunities for those without them. Many people have tried to create new inventions to make the world a better place.

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The Iroquois do have equity because they are all treated the same and they use consensus to make decisions. They also

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How did the Union plan to split the Confederacy?

The Union planned to capture Mississippi. This would break the South in half and create more problems.

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Why were abolitionists important to civil war?

They had made it impossible to create new slave-states. So the South broke away from the Union, to form the Confederacy, taking all the cotton revenues with them. That is what caused the war.

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What did the Confederacy try to do before the Civil War began?

require all men in the south to enlist in the confederate army

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