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Ideas on the prevention of tuberculosis?


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just stay healthy. tuberculosis or TB affects weak immune systems, either due to age, stress, malnutrition or any immunodeficiency syndromes. in countries which are endemic, such as the Philippines, most if not all of the population has been exposed to TB. other than staying healthy the best way is to be careful when people cough around you, as it is transmitted via droplets. people who have active TB should wear masks when in public places, avoid spitting in the streets as the bacteria can survive outside the body for some time. if you know of some one who lives with you, works in the same enclosed space as you who has TB, get your self checked.

TB is treatable, its a long 6months course treatment but it works. so if your on treatment, be sure to comply and take it daily or as prescribed, and do regular follow ups. also TB cant be contracted from children. children get it from adults, but adults don't get it from children. so if your child has TB, look for an adult who had sudden weight loss and cough longer than 2weeks.