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Identify mr dolphus Raymond?


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February 28, 2013 1:14AM

Dolphus Raymond is a wealthy but disliked white man who had children with a black woman. He pretends he is an alcoholic, but he only drinks "Coca-Cola" out of a sack. He does this to put the people of Maycomb at ease, to give them a reason why he lived with a black woman. He knows they will not understand why he lives as he does, so by pretending he is a drunk, he makes life easier for himself (and for Maycomb). Thus, he has all kinds of false rumors spread by Maycomb surrounding his decision. He is also an example of a mockingbird. When Dill and Scout discover that he is not a drunk they are amazed. He shows Scout 'how sometimes you have to pretend you are something when you really aren't just to make life easier for those around you'.