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Q: If the chemical reaction stops when X is completely utilized, then X is referred as the?
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What is the name of the process where the light is utilized to produce ATP?

Light reaction or Hill's reaction.

Do plant cells produce ATP during photosynthesis?

yesYes,ATP is produced in the light reaction. These are utilized in the dark reaction

What do the letters in the acronym downtime referred to in lean methodology?

DefectsOverproductionWaitingNon-utilized/underutilized talentTransportationInventoryMotionExcess Processing

What is the gas released during cellular respiration?

CO2 is released as bi product.Oxygen is utilized in reaction.

What turns the sun's energy into chemical energy?

Photosynthesis is a process that converts the sun's energy into chemical energy. It is a process that is utilized by the primary producers.

What type of energy can be utilized by your cells?

Cells primarily utilize potential energy stored in chemical bonds.

How do animals and plants use hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a component of water and it is released during oxidation reaction and utilized during reactions leading to reduction

What does utilized mean?

Utilized means used. You could say that you used the wrench or that you utilized the wrench.

How are grasslands utilized in Australia?

How are grasslands utilized in Australia

Why is 4 pair cable twisted?

This method is utilized to stop magnetic field inter reaction (induction) between the signals that are carried on the other pairs.

Why do cells of living organisms carry out the reactions of cell respiration?

So that the energy released during the reaction of the food with the oxygen can be utilized by the human body.

How do organisms utilize proteins?

Proteins are macromolecules found in the body. They are utilized by organisms in the catalysis of chemical reactions, DNA replication and responding to stimuli.

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