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Yes and so can the girls' parents, too, for child endangerment.

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You are 13 and you boyfriend got you pregnant can you live with your boyfriend?

No you are a minor and not an adult even though you will be a mother. Your parents are responsible for you and now your baby.

What percentage of teenagers in the US have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Great Question! I would probably say that about between 30% and 50% are in a STRONG relationship. Boyfriend or girlfriend. I am not one of them, though. :(

Can you get pregnant even though I'm on the Depo shot and my boyfriend used a condom?


What will happen if you run away with your girlfriend?

Depends. On your parents, her parents. Where you go what you do. Its probaby not a good idea though

How can you force your parents to let you have a boyfriend?

You can't force your parents to let you have a boyfriend. Though, you can try to reason with them and they can let you have a boyfriend. If you think you are mature enough to have a boyfriend; tell your parents why you want a boyfriend and that it's not because everyone else has one. Have your parents meet him or invite him over for dinner so they know he's a good person. If they still say no beg until they let you

Are Coop and Kaleigh boyfriend and girlfriend in Overruled?

No they are not though it is revealed in one episode that Coop does have feelings for Kayleigh

Dose Lady Gaga have a fiance?

Nope. She currently is not engaged to anyone. She MAY have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, though.

Should you tell your parents you have a boyfriend even though you have had boyfriends in the past?

yus you should :']

How old do you have to be to have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Well my friends always date even though they were in kinder and in 1st - their whole life.

Why did you come on your period if your boyfriend busted in you?

This means that even though he "busted" in you, you didn't get pregnant... this is really common.

Im 7 days late on my period can i be pregnant even though you used condom you and your boyfriend?


Your boyfriend came in you at 6 weeks can you get pregnant even though you are breastfeeding?

Yes, absolutely, always use contraception if you don't want to get pregnant again yet.

Is 11 too young to have a boyfriend?

I had a girlfriend when I was 11, so yeah go for it, don't do anything too crazy with him though

Good vacation spot for boyfriend and girlfriend?

Anywhere where you both like it. Don't lie about if you like it or not, though. A good place would have to be the beach for me that's where I'd take my boyfriend.. :)

Can a seventeen year old girlfriend date their sixteen year old boyfriend in the state of Indiana?

As long as the parents are okay they can date. Sexual activity is another thing altogether, but it wouldn't be statutory rape, though there might be lessor charges.

Why can't you have a boyfriend?

i can have a boyfriend. some people arent allowed, though, because they are too young, or their parents do not think they are ready to have one. some parents wont cut the cord, if ya know what im saying. if you arent allowed, and you want a boyfriend, then sit your parents down and tell them why you think youre ready.

Is being 16 and pregnant bad?

being pregnant is never bad. you're young though, so you may not be mature to have a child of your own. your parents should help you go through that though.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend have row then girlfriend gets drunk with her house mate and nearly kisses them but pulls away so Should girlfriend tell boyfriend even though boyfriend would be heartbroken?

If you don't want to lose the boyfriend, dont tell him. Its not a lie because you're not saying anything, and it doesn't relate to him so he doesn't need to know. You should punish your house mate in some way for letting you get that close to him.

Who is Chris dakota's girlfriend?

He doesn't have one. He hasn't had a girlfriend or boyfriend (that is known of) in quite some time, though he recently kissed someone from Northern Europe, as he stated on him tumblr

Why does ex girlfriend still check up on you when she has a boyfriend?

Because your g/f still cares about you, even though you aren't together.

How possible is it to get back with your ex girlfriend even though she has a new boyfriend?

Very slim odds - its seems she has moved on and so should you.

Why would a bpd ex girlfriend hang on to your clothes even though you asked for them back?

to make it look like she still had a boyfriend

How do you propose on Movie Star Planet?

You can not propose, technically, however, you can become boyfriend and girlfriend. There is a new propose animation that you can use, though.

Will Tancred Torsson and Emma Tolly ever be boyfriend and girlfriend?

No, I'm afraid not :) She ends up with someone else from 'the gang' though :)

Can a pregnant 16 year old move out of her parents' house in the state of tennesse without their consent?

Even though they are pregnant, not until they are 18 years of age. Until then the parents determine where you live.