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There's so many things that can cause this problem. First, check if the fuel pump is working. You can do this by turning the ignition in on position and listen if you hear a humming sound by the gas tank.(or thru the gas tank spout.) If it's working, check the plugs if there's spark. Remove plug No. 1, connect it back to the wire, ground it and let someone crank the engine. If you don't see a spark, you might have a bad distributor...It could be the cover, rotor, coil or the igniter.....You have two options, it either try to repair the old one or get a new or rebuilt distributor.......Before you get a new dist, check the old coil for its continuity, if it's ok that means its the igniter....It will be cheaper for you to repair than to replace it with a new one.............Hope this will help you.....

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โˆ™ 2006-04-13 13:26:50
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Q: If 1990 Civic Si turns over why will it not start?
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1990 Nissan 240sx eng turns over but won't start?

nissan 240sx. it turns over but wont start

Your 1995 Honda civic wont start it turns over but wont start what can it be?

check the distributor

How do you get a 1990 corvette to start if it turns over and the battery is good?

To get a 1990 Corvette to start if it turns over and the battery is good, check to ensure the fuel filter is not clogged. You also need to ensure it has plenty of gasoline.

What could be the problem with starting your 2001 Honda civic when it cranks and turns over but won't start?

could be disdributor

Why does 1990 regal not start when hot?

If it turns over slowly like a dead battery it could be a bad starterIt if turns over normally, but hard starting, could be fuel injectors leaking

Does not start but turns over?

Out of gas? 99 vw passat will not start but turns over have full gas tank try to turn over

1994 Mazda pickup turns over but wont start?

turns over strong. might start and run for a couple of blocks but then dies.

What relay has to be changed for the car to start?

If the car turns over, gets gas and just will not start try the ignition module. CAR TURNS OVER

What if your daewoo matiz turns over but wont start?

If it turns over and will not start you are lacking either spark or fuel. That is about all the information I can give you with the information you have provided.

Why does your 1990 civic engine light come on only when you go over 60mph?

There are several things that can cause your 1990 Honda Civic engine light to come on when you go over 60 miles per hour. The most common cause is a malfunctioning PCV valve.

Car turns over will not start?

Does it have; fuel, spark, compression?

Motor turns over but won't start?

try to see if the battery is a little low. it happened once to my dad's 1990 miata. if not, then try to see if oil is low. then, if it still won't start, then try to take it to the dealership

What is wrong with your Honda Civic lx?

Honda civic Lx 2000 wont start it was idling really low it just turn off on me now it wont start it cranks over like wants to start but nothing

If my 1990 gsx turbo awd turns over but wont start No spark I need help with possible problems THANKS in advance?

the computer on the coiles are gone in it bad wires or plugs

Why does my 1998 Lincoln Continental is hard to start?

turn the key the motor turns over but will not start

What could be wrong with 1995 Civic LX if it turns over has gas but wont start has been sitting facing up hill for about 5 days?

check your oil.... i just bought a civic lx from a guy...he said it wouldn't start for some reason so i gave him 300 and put some oil in and she fired up like nothing xD ...he was kinda pissed

Your 1998 Jeep Wrangler turns over but no spark or gas to motor?

My 1998 Jeep Wrangler turns over great but will not start. What are the choices to be checked out?

Why does my 2002 chev S-10 turns over but will not start?

2002 chev S-10 will turn over but not start.

1994 cavalier turns over but will not start?

check if it is getting fire

Ford bronco Turns over but doesn't start?

ignition coil

Your diesel truck turns over but wont start?

Its to cold out or there is no fuel

My 86 corvette will It turns over but wont start?

Could be your starter.

1995 ford f250 turns over but wont start where do i start?

check for fuel, spark, compression

Your 1988 Oldsmobile turns over but will not start what can it be?


1999 Chevrolet silverado turns over but will not start?

Probably the fuel pump.