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Did the person that moved out sign a quit claim deed? If not then they will probably have to remain on the policy.

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Q: If 2 people are on the deed and one moves out can the person who moved out be taken off the homeowners policy?
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Should homeowners insurance cover water damage that was caused before you moved in?

No. Your policy will only cover damages which were caused by a covered loss during the policy period.

Does your family have to keep up insurance on your moms home since she is in the nursing home?

You will need to speak with your insurance agent. Be very careful because the homeowners policy that she had states that once she moves out of the house an has been moved out for 90 days the homeowners policy ceases to provide coverage. You will need to purchase a vacant dwelling policy unless you happen to rent the home ot while she is in a nursing home.

Will homeowners cover your home if you've moved all your things out but are still living there pending the sale of your home?

As long as you did not cancel the policy...of course. If you own the property and pay the premiums, it is covered, whether you live there or not. If you don't pay the policy cost, or no longer have an interest in the property, no. Don't let it burn it down if all your good stuff is moved out. That delights prosecutors.

Does ho-3 insurance cover ahome that the structure of the foundation moved due to hurricane sandy?

Coverage on a homeowners policy is all determined upon the cause of the loss. If the cause was a flood then there is no coverage. If the cause was a windstorm like a hurricane then it is covered.

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Should the insurance company contact the insured person when a life insurance policy matures?

When the policy matures, an attempt must be made to contact the policyowner at the last address the insurance company has. But if they have moved and not notified the insurance company, after a few months, the maturity value of the policy will be sent by the company to the State that they operate in as unclaimed property. If the policy simply ends - such as with a term life policy - the policy will state the date when coverage ends.

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