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Assuming you're talking about a parking lot situation, generally there is no way to establish fault in such an incident. Unless you're a fan of the old "Brady Bunch" TV series. A 50/50 fault, where each driver pays their OWN repair costs.

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Q: If 2 people backing up at the same time hit each other who is at fault?
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If you were parked in a parking space and you back out of your spot and while you are still backing out of it another car backs into you That is their fault right?

Generally, the person backing out is at fault. If you are both backing out you're probably both at fault and will probably share the cost of repair, with each repairing their own. yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!! yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!!

Who is a fault when two cars are backing out of a parking space and hit each other?

That's the decision of a police officer or a judge.

Who is at fault when two people back into each other in a parking lot?

Both at fault.

You were backing out of your driveway the other day and your neighbor was backing out at the same time you ended up backing into each other you were both going to go East?

I live on the south side of the street she lives on the north. Our driveways are even with each other. When we bumped into each other my driveside bumper and her front passanger door were dented. Who is more at fault. She was running late for work and did not want too call the police and now she is saying I hit her and it is my fault. Initailly she stated the same as me that neither of us were paying attention to behind us only too oncoming traffic.

When backing up car on left was sitting still when car that was going out of stall was half way out of parking stall car on left rolled back and hit passenger wheel well who is at fault?

It sounds like the other vehicle was at fault for improper backing, but each state is different and some are no-fault states. Still, if you were in the roadway or parking lot ailse, then you are considered to have right of way. It is incumbent on the other vehicle to make sure the path is clear before backing into traffic.

Who is at fault if a car is hit in a parking lot?

If a parked car is hit my a moving car, the moving car is obviously at fault. If a moving car is hit by a car backing out of a space, the second car is at fault for failure to yeild, as the first car had right of way. If two cars are backing out and hit each other, it may be hard to determine who's at fault, as both driver's vision may have been compromised.

Who is at fault when two cars are backing up simultaneously in a private parking lot parked in rows across from each other and collide with each other?

What is quaintly known in the UK as Knock for knock. Equal blame, equal responsibility.

Who's fault is it when you're backing out of a parking spot into the main road and someone is reversing into a parking spot behind you off of the main road and causes accident?

I'm confused by the question. You were both backing? And back into each other? If that is correct more than likely you will each be 50% at fault. If you can provide more information (ie, where on each vehicle exactly is the damage, who was farther out etc), then perhaps I can be of more assistance.

What if two cars are backing out of opposite places and hit each other: back right bumper and back left bumper on other vehicle collide. Is anyone at fault?

Yup. Both of you are at fault, and will most likely have to use your own insurance to repair your cars.

What if two people backing out of opposite driveways hit each other who's at fault?

Fault can be assigned to one driver, or to both equally, or to both in percentages, depending on the circumstances and the degree to which each driver contributed to the accident. The court will consider prejudicial factors such as whether laws were broken and who could have best avoided the accident. Where a driver broke a traffic law, such as backing all the way across a traffic lane, fault would likely be assigned him. But another principle is that anyone who could have acted, but failed to, to avoid the accident, even if in the right as far as traffic regulations are concerned, will be considered fully or at least substantially at fault.

Who is at fault if both vehicles are backing out of a parking lot in spaces across from each other witnesses say you were both moving backwards at the same time but the other driver saw you first?

Both drivers are at fault. "Contributory negligence", Both drivers failed to heed or yield to the other vehicle. Insurance Plus

If you are in a parking lot and backing up and a car comes from off the street and while both cars are moving you hit each other who is at fault?

Were you backing and they driving forward in the lane? If so more than likely you will be deemed the higher degree of fault. Vehicle that are reversing are required to use a higher degree of care. More details and I might be of greater assistance to you.

A fault in which the blocks of crust slide horizontally past each other is called a?

A fault in which the plates slide horizontally past each other is called a slip-strike fault. If it is on a plate boundary it is known as a transform fault.

What are Fault?

A fault is a fracture or zone of fractures between two blocks of rock. Faults allow the blocks to move relative to each other.

Who is at fault if you are both backing out of parking stalls opposite each other and you hit her?

Most times it is a 50/50 fault situation. It can vary depending on who was more out of their sapce and/or where someone was hit. IE if one car was nearly out in the aisle and the other car backed into the side of them, the second car might be found more at fault. But the default not knowing the details is 50/50.

Who is at fault when two cars are backing out of a parking lot at the same time and hit each other?

Generally you are both equally at fault unless (1) it can be shown that one of the drivers did something that was negligent or (2) if it can be proven that one of the drivers had a clear opportunity to avoid the accident and chose not to.

What kind of fault makes rocks move past each other?

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This is called a strike slip fault.

How does a fault occur?

A fault occurs by 2 plates sliding along each other and then breaking.

What fault is it that rocks become twisted and strained when they snag each other?

It strike-slip fault

What fault is it where rocks on either side of the fault move sideways past each other?


When both drivers are backing out of space across from each other?

when i started backing up i was just two feet into the parking lot when some other car honked and the car backing out on the other side proceeded out into the lot because she said she had perission to keep going

What if two cars backing out of a parking spot and a vehicle coming from your right backs out the two cars collide right rear bumper to right rear bumper who is at fault?

Both partys are at fault and each party will need to file there vehicle under there own insurance. Parking lot accidents are always share fault unless one of the vehicle was parked, but since both vehicles were backing out at the same time, both partys are at fault unless you get a kind person to admit it was there fault.

Who is at fault if a car hit another car while backing up?

There are two possible scenarios for this. A: Both cars were in reverse and hit each other, then both would share the blame. B: One car was in motion backwards, hitting a stationary vehicle. When this happens, the driver of the car in motion is at fault.

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