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make another offer, split the difference. Go in to office with CASH in hand to make it(if possible). Let them know that's your BEST offer. You are NOT in the best bargaining position, being in default, they CAN still repo it. LOL Good Luck

Forget about it and go buy a used car for 2700 cash that way you don't have a payment anymore. Look for a car lot selling a car for around 3500-3700 and walk in and test drive it. Then when they start quoting, pull out your money in all 20's and say, "gee all I have is 2700". Most of the time they will act like "let me ask my boss" when in reality, they'll dump it in a heart beat. Got my truck this way. Especially trade ins from other lots. If you go to a Ford dealer and test drive an older Chevy that was traded in, they'll sell that cheap as hell becasue they've already padded the new price to make up for it.

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Q: If 4098 is what is on the car but they will let you have it for 3887 but you only have 2700 and they will not accept this what do you say?
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