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Each creature, either simple or complex, depends of another creature for its life, in one way or another.

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Q: If All forms of life on earth are interdependent what does that mean?
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All forms of life on earth are interdependent what does this mean?

dont know ?X

Which of the three domains of life would survive on anicent earth?

The three domains of life all represent some really (and I mean REALLY) ancient forms of life. So the answer would be 'all of them.'

How did life invade earth?

If you mean how did life start then no one can answer this because no one really knows there are a few possiblities like germs evolved or maybe a metorite crashed into earth which contained life forms but maybe we will find out some time in the future .

Why earth is a unique planet in the solar system?

Our earth is considered as a unique planet in our solar system because of the following factors Firstly, the distance of the earth from the sun results in such a climate which is best suited for the development of man and other forms of life on earth. Secondly, it is a habitable planet it supports man and other forms of life by providing all the necessities of life. Thirdly, its atmosphere is rich in Oxygen that makes life possible on this planet. Fourthly, its atmosphere acts as a large cover to protect its surface from extreme cold and heat. Its mean temperature is 15 degree celsius, which is quite suitable for life to exist on earth. Fifthly, on this planet water occur in vast quantities which makes life possible on the earth, as water is quite essential for all forms of life.

This will mean the end of life on Earth?

the answer of life on earth is simple ... so people can get layed

What does horizonally mean?

The line that forms the apparent boundary between earth and sky.

What do scientists mean when they talk adout diversty of life?

They mean that life occurs in many forms, many places, many colours, and so on.

What does the word terrestrial life mean?

Native to the Earth.

Can life be supported on the planet?

If you mean earth.. yes.

What impact could mining minerals have on the environment?

It could mean that when we hit the point where we mine too deep into the earth, that specific part of the earth will crumble into a gigantic crater, eliminating all living life forms in the area. Including the miners themselves.

What dose bio mean?

it means life or like earth our life

Why earth contains gases and water?

If you mean the planet Earth, without them there would be no life on it...