If An object which absorbs most of the light waves which strike it but reflect blue frequency?

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It will be seen as blue colour.
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When a white light shines on an object which colors are absorbed and reflected?

Answer . White light is a mixture of all of the visible wavelengths in the spectrum. When white light strikes any object, some, all, or none is reflected off it and the balance of the light spectrum is absorbed. For example a baseball essentially reflects ALL of the wavelengths striking it, absorbi ( Full Answer )

Why does light reflect off most objects?

Light can pass through many different types of materials. The reason why light can't pass through metal, or some plastics is not due to anything but the chemical properties of the material and the physical properties. If the conditions are right, any form of light can pass through a given material. ( Full Answer )

How do light waves- transmitted reflected or absorbed explain?

\nConsider the mesh of matter and the wavelength of the light. In general the following is the pattern. \n. \nTRANSMISSION:If the matter mesh is bigger than than the the wavelength of light there is transmission, e.g X-Rays thru matter.\n. \nABSORPTION: If the mesh is equal to the wavelength, the ( Full Answer )

What color appears when white light strikes an object that reflects all colors?

It will be white, because really, objects both reflect and absorb colors. For example, a red object absorbs every color aside from red, which reflects back. White absorbs no color and reflects all colors, while black absorbs them all and reflects none. . the rainbow will be reflected back

Opaque absorb or reflect light?

if it was say, a piece of paper that was red then it wound absorb all light and reflect red light.so i suppose that would be reflecting and absorbing TRUE

What object reflects the most amount of light?

Highly conductive metals make the best electromagnetic reflectors as we can see from the equation: r=(1-B)/(1+B) The complex reflectivity of the metal tends to -1 as the complex B (Beta) factors tend to infinity. Since r=E reflected / E Incident we can see that if r = -1 we get perfect ( Full Answer )

What object reflects and absorbs light?

Any object you can see reflects light. If it did not reflect any light it would be invisible. Similarly, no object is so reflective that it reflects all light. The proof that it absorbs light is that it increses in temperature as it is exposed to light.

What is an object that can reflect the most light?

A mirror would be the most effective object for light reflection.\n\nTypically mirrors are "Silvered" using either silver or aluminum on the back and the light passes through glass to the silver and bounces back. \n\nHowever, astronomical mirrors have the mirrored surface on the front which will re ( Full Answer )

What color are objects that absorb all colors that reflects little light?

Black objects absorb all or most of the visible wavelengths of light, whereas white objects reflect all wavelengths. When all visible wavelengths (violet to red) enter the eye in equal proportions, the color is perceived as white. When no wavelengths reach the eye, the color is perceived as black. ( Full Answer )

Does an opaque object absorb or reflect all light?

An opaque object neither absorbs nor reflects all light. How much it absorbs and how much it reflects depends on the color of the object. An opaque object does not allow light to pass through. Hold up your wallet and look at it. Even if you hold it up to a strong light, you will not see any light ( Full Answer )

Does a solution that reflects white light absorb all wave lengths?

If it absorbs all wavelengths then, by definition, it does not reflect any of the incident light. If it reflects all the incident light, then non is absorbed. The solution could also absorb some and reflect some (with different wavelengths).

Does plastic reflect or absorb sound waves?

This much depends on the properties of the plastic. Foam will reflect little and absorb much. Hard plastic will reflect much and absorb little. Soft plastic will absorb more than hard plastic and reflect more than foam. Regards.

What light waves does a blue object reflect?

The wavelengths are corresponded to the color of the light. A blue object will reflect any light radiation expect the color blue. It will absorb the blue light.

Does an object appears blue is it reflects all wavelengths of light except blue?

If it didn't reflect blue, then there wouldn't be any blue light from it to enter your eye, and you wouldn't see any blue. If the object looks blue, then you know two things: 1). There was some blue light hitting the object. 2). The blue light hitting the object wasn't all absorbed. At ( Full Answer )

Why does a blue object only reflect blue light?

all of the colors of the rainbow are coming down to the object and all of the colors get absorbed except blue, it gets reflected. I am sorry i really dont know the answer but i hope this helps a little bit.

Do translucent objects reflect refract or absorb light?

Translucent means "pass light". Transparent means "pass image". You could learn this by looking in a good dictionary. A translucent glass might be installed in your toilet room so that people could not see your minor private parts but light could shine in An ordinary window, transparent, is ( Full Answer )

Why do dark objects absorb and white objects reflect light?

Dark objects absorb wavelengths of energy that are in the visible spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. A black shirt has molecules in it thatt absorbs energies of blue and green and all other colors we humans perceive. White light is made from all of the colors combined. A white shirt ( Full Answer )

Who was responsible for the contribution that light is emitted and absorbed in bundles that are dependent on the frequency of a light wave?

The first to observe (but not explain) the photoelectric effect were Hertz and Hallwachs in 1887. Albert Einstein received the 1921 Nobel Prize for physics: . ...for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. . His 1905 paper ( Full Answer )

Do all object reflect light waves?

No. A black hole does not reflect light waves. But that is assuming you regard a black hole as an "object."

What material that reflects or absorbs all light that strikes it?

First, you need to define "light". Visible light only? Up into the ultra-violet? Down into infrared? Many filters wil block and/or reflect wavelengths above or below a certain cutoff point, while passing waves away from that point. As a for instance, a red filter will pass wavelengths from arou ( Full Answer )

What object reflects the most light?

Generally, a mirror, as it was literally created to reflect light.However, any white object reflects light (it appears white as itreflects all colored light in the visible light spectrum).

Why does an object reflect a particular light frequency but not other frequencies?

A very intruiging question. First you must know that our eye canpercieve light waves of frequencies 4000-7000 Angstrom. Now takethe leaf for example. Its color is green. Why is it green? Itsbecause the leaf absorbs all other light waves except green. Itreflects it back. So to the green wave it acts ( Full Answer )

How and why are sound waves are reflected absorbed or transmitted?

Sound waves are compressive waves, usually in air. Air is themedium. If sound travels from air to a rock, most of the energy isreflected. If sound travels from air to a rough and irregularsurface, much of the sound will be absorbed (after reflectingabout). When sound travels from cold air to warm ai ( Full Answer )

Does a book absorb or reflect light?

Both. The darker the book's color the more light it absorbs, but ifit did not reflect some light then you could not see the book.