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If you allow someone to enter the residence without the consent or knowledge of the owner and they take items from the home then you would be responsible for financial loss or damages that might be a result of the action.

2006-08-28 12:32:06
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What word belongs to a place of residence?


You got a ticket but its not your name or address on it are you responsible?

Yes, you are responsible to a degree. Your responsibility is to find the person it belongs to.

Who is responsible for your car it went in a sinkhole if it is on private property?

Whoever the car belongs to.

Can the executor of an estate sell real estate to a family member of the estate?

They do have that ability. The property belongs to the estate and the executor is responsible for it. The purchase price must be a fair market value and may require court approval.

Is landlord responsible if a tree limb falls an damages a shed?

More than likely God is responsible for the storm that caused the tree limb to fall and damage the shed. Doesn't the landlord own the shed? If the shed belongs to you then you are responsible for repairing the shed. If it belongs to the landlord then he can decide whether or not he wants to repair it.

Who is the father of Louisiana?

While several can lay claim by right of exploration, discovery or settlement the honor justifably belongs to Thomas Jefferson whose administration was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase which converted the US from a want to be Nation to a member of the first tier of world powers.

The priest responsible for the parish is called?

The priest responsible for a Roman Catholic Parish is called a "Pastor." A parishioner is a Catholic who "belongs," or usually attends weekly Mass, at the given parish.

What system does the tryroid gland belong to?

The Thyroid Gland belongs to the Endocrine System, which is responsible for all the hormones in the body.

What happens to vanna's wardworbe afater thesshow?

Depends some clothing belongs to the designer, none is available for purchase

You can say that a child belongs to its parents but in what way do parents own their child?

I can think of one way: Ownership equals responsibility. If you own a dog that bites your neighbor, you are responsible for their medical bills. If you own a car and someone drives it and wrecks it, you are responsible for damages. Similarly, if your child breaks the law or damages property, you are responsible for making sure the damage gets paid for and making sure your child makes it to court or community service requirements. Because the child belongs to you, you are responsible for his/her actions.

What is humanistic theory in behavior changes?

The humanistic theory suggests that people are responsible for their actions and lives. It implies that the choice belongs to them to change behavior.

The 8 levels of classification?

The Kingdom belongs to Animalia. The Phylum belongs to Chordata. The Subphylum belongs to Vertebrata. The Class belongs to Mammalia. The Order belongs to Primates. The Suborder belongs to the Anthropoidea. The Superfamily belongs to Hominoidea. The Family belongs to Hominidae. The Genus belongs to Homo. The Species belongs to sapiens.

Can you back out of a new car purchase?

Not if you signed the contract to purchase the vehicle, unless the dealer agrees to let you back out. If you have taken delivery of the vehicle and drove it off the lot it is now a used car and it belongs to you.

Can a spouse be held responsible for wife's premarital college debt?

No and the key word here is premarital. Any thing before the marriage belongs to that person from items to debt. You can choose to help with the debt, but it belongs to her since she came into the marriage with it all ready.

If a person dies and they were in debt are their next of kin responsible for paying it off?

No, the responsibility belongs to the estate. If the estate does not have enough assets, the debts have to be written off.

Can an executor of an heir eviction a sibling from property that they live in of the deceased?

They do have that ability to have them removed. The property belongs to the estate and the executor is responsible for it. They can rent or sell the property.

What does it mean when you dream of delivering your friend's baby?

This dream suggests that the dreamer feels responsible for "delivering" or completing a task that belongs primarily to someone else.

Can you purchase the Eiffel Tower from the City of Paris?

No, The Eiffel tower belongs to the city of Paris it also cost $1,000,000 and you will need permission from the Mayor.

What district did thavathiru kuntrakudi adikalar belongs?

Thavathiru Kuntrakudi Adikalar belongs to Thavathiru Kuntrakudi Adikalar belongs to Thavathiru Kuntrakudi Adikalar belongs to Thavathiru Kuntrakudi Adikalar belongs to Thavathiru Kuntrakudi Adikalar belongs to Thavathiru Kuntrakudi Adikalar belongs to

Who belongs to gangs?

Who Belongs To Gangs?

Can a guardian of a minor inherit a gift left to the minor?

How can they inherit something that has already been inherited? The gift belongs to the minor and the guardian is responsible to hold it in trust for the minor.

Can an heir alter property without permission of executor of an estate?

The property belongs to the estate. The executor is responsible for the estate and any change to the property needs to go through them.

Does vaddera caste belongs to st category?

Past they are belongs to OC.presently they belongs to BC-A

What will be the possessive adjective for which belongs to us?


What belongs to the world?

Nothing, as it belongs to the universe.