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If IRQ 2 is in use IRQ 9 cant be used?

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Depends if it's sharable or not. You could try moving the card to another slot.

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List interrupts used with the IBM PC type sytems?

IRQ 0 - System timer. IRQ 1 - Keyboard. IRQ 2 - Cascaded signals from IRQs 8-15. IRQ 3 - COM2 (Default) and COM4 (User) serial ports IRQ 4 - COM1 (Default) and COM3 (User) serial ports IRQ 5 - LPT2 Parallel Port 2 or sound card IRQ 6 - Floppy disk controller IRQ 7 - LPT1 Parallel Port 1 or sound card (8-bit Sound Blaster and compatibles) IRQ 8 - Real time clock IRQ 9 - Free / Open interrupt / Available / SCSI. Any devices configured to use IRQ 2 will actually be using IRQ 9. IRQ 10 - Free IRQ 11 - Free IRQ 12 - PS/2 connector Mouse. IRQ 13 - ISA / Math Co-Processor IRQ 14 - Primary IDE. If no Primary IDE this can be changed IRQ 15 - Secondary IDE These are just a set of standard IRQs. For much more detail check our Ralf Brown's list located at

What symptoms would indicate that 2 devices are attempting to use the same IRQ?

Describe symptoms that may indicate that two devices are attempting to use the same IRQ.

Which two IRQ settings are connected together?

IRQ Ports 2 & 9 -Taylor

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What is the interrupt request number for the serial port 2?

IRQ 3 is for COM2 and COM4 (serial ports). See related link.

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Which is a correct default combination of COM ports and IRQ?

Hi, correct combination of default combination of COM ports and IRQ is given below: 1. com1 and com3 - IRQ4 2. com2 and com4 - IRQ3 below link can easily explain the answer in details. You can even see this in device manager properties. i.e. mycomputer > properties > device manager> IDE/ATA controller > resources > irq=20 link :

What different type of interrupts use in 8088 procesor?

For X86 systems there are many different IRQs (Interrupt requests) But i can list the main ones. IRQ 0- System timer IRQ 1-Keyboard controller IRQ 2- transfers signals from 8-15 IRQ3-Serial port controller for COM2 IRQ4-Serial port controller IRQ5-Sound card IRQ6- Floppy disk controller IRQ7-Parallel port IRQ8- RTC Timer IRQ9-SCSI peripherals. IRQ10-SCSI or NIC IRQ11-SCSI or NIC IRQ12-PS/2 Mouse. IRQ13-Co-Processor IRQ14-ATA IRQ15-Secondary ATA

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