If I am 4'11 is that a midget?

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January 08, 2011 10:56AM

No, of course not! Don't be absurd, you have to be 4'10" to be considered a "midget"!

In all serious, though, midget is only a relative term, not having any tangible information. The only correct term for such a description would be a "dwarf", being one who is genetically impaired within one's limbs, as well as one's torso. So, as to your, your not a midget by any means, ESPECIALLY to those who are shorter than you are!

Dwarfism is for people under 4'10 whose body is not proportionate to their height. Such as being 4'3, 160 lbs, having average hands and feet, etc. "Midget", though not a politically correct term, refers to being short in stature but proportioned to one's height, such as being 4'8 and 80 lbs, having small hands and size 4 feet, etc.