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If I have an auto loan can I get a second auto loan for another car?

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Depends on your credit history That would be up to the lender.

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Can a bank hold a title on a paid off auto loan because there is another older loan that is collections on another vehicle in Utah?

I have a car that is paid off. The bank is holding the tittle for colletaral for another car loan that was repo. Is this legal?

After you've signed papers on the car and the auto finance company rejects you for a loan can you bring the car back and not try to get another finance company to loan you money for the car?


How do I find a calculator for car loan payments?

If your looking for an auto loan calculator, Bankrate is a great place to start. They provide car loan and auto loan calculators to help with your buying decision.

What kind of loan is an auto loan?

An auto loan is a loan that's given to someone to enable him/her buy a car while they pay back within a period of time below is my recomendation for best auto loan

What happens when your purchase a car and the auto loan does not go through after you have the car of 3 weeks?

Same thing happen to me. You have to retun the vehicle or find a loan from another company.

Where can one get an auto loan for a car?

One can get an auto loan for a car at the "State Farm" website. State Farm is a very reliable and widely used company for a quick and easy to get auto loan.

Can you buy rims with a auto loan?

No the car is security for the loan.

As a used car dealer, could you tell me where to find printable online auto loan forms?

You can find printable online auto loan forms at Another good site is

How can you eliminate your auto loan without finishing the payoff?

One way or another, the loan has to be paid off. If you trade the car in, you can get the payoff added to the amount financed on the new car.

Where can a person get a capital one auto loan?

Apply for new car loans, used car loans, and auto loan refinancing at the official site of Capital One, and use the auto loan calculator to estimate your payments.

What happens if I don't repay an auto title loan?

You will lose the car if the Auto title loan is not paid. The lapse in repayment can result in reposession of the car.

Where can one obtain an auto car loan?

One can obtain an auto car loan in a couple of different ways. One way that one can obtain an auto car loan is by visiting a bank, such as Bank of America, and applying for one. Auto car loans can also be obtain by applying for them in places other than banks.

Will a car amortization calculator tell me how much a car loan will cost per month?

You can find a a car amortization calculator at

Does anyone offer a car equity loan online?

The biggest benefit to getting a car title loan is that it enables the borrower to get ... The best car title loan companies are those that offer quick cash, low rates ... Since there are no credit checks, anyone can get an auto title loan, as long ... is another online auto title lender out there with high success rates

Where can someone find a car loan with a low rate?

You can find a car loan with low rates by visiting auto loan companies such as Nation Wide Auto Lending. You can also visit insurance companies such as State Farm for car loan rate quotes.

Coverage on auto insurance when you have a car loan?

Yes, you should get auto insurance coverage when you have a car loan, and even when you don't have a car loan. The law requires it either way anytime a motor vehicle is operated on public roads..

Calculate Auto Loans Before You Decide?

Make sure to check exactly what you will be paying per month before you decide on an auto loan. To be sure you can afford the car you want to purchase, calculate auto loans by using an online loan calculator and selecting the term of the loan, interest rate, full amount of the loan, and any other charges you are aware of. Then, even before you search for a loan you will know what to expect, and if you need to choose another model of car you can do so before you even apply for an auto loan.

Where should I get an auto loan?

The good place to get an auto loan is GMAC, Acura, Car Max and many of the car rental companies has good auto loans. They also have real good deals and rates on their auto loans.

What is a car loan amortization?

Basically, Car Loan Amortization is the balance of your auto loan. It is the process of following a plan or schedule of your loans for your automobile.

Where can one find an auto loan?

I recomend you should check out this site is very flexible affordable... scan the bar code below

Can you find a calculator for car loan online?

There are many online calculators for car loans such as,, and

I want to make sure I can be approved for an auto loan before I try to purchase a car. Is there a website with a good auto loan calculator that I can use?

Yeah, there are plenty of auto loan calculators out there, but I think has the best one. I used Capital One's auto loan calculator when I was looking for my new car, and it worked out well for me.

Can you still get a car loan even if you have bad credit?

A car loan is considered a personal loan. While bad credit makes it harder to get any loan, individual car dealers decide whether they will allow a car loan with bad credit. A personal loan is an unsecured loan.

What does it mean to refinance an auto loan?

If you refinance your auto loan you are most likely going to save a lot of money. However most people do not know this. You pay off your current car loan with a refinancing car loan from a different lender.

How do you obtain a new auto loan?

You can apply for a new auto loan through your personal bank or the dealership that you buy your car through.