If Jesus did not exist why do people question their own disbelief?

faith is the belief in something that you cannot necessarily see, hear, or touch. A lot of people have a problem believing in something that way but still hold out some hope that maybe it is true, its hard to think that maybe there is just nothing after death, and that your whole life is spent just surviving, i think that even the more outspoken disbelievers hold out for something more at the end of their days here.


i agree with the above poster

also for me i think that when a whole world, a whole religion, millions of people, and society is telling you jesus existed then people think, 'well wait a minute if they are all saying that then maybe its ME whos wrong, maybe he did exist', questioning their own judgment

everyone questions themselves at some point, especially when all these people are telling you your wrong, or its true.


if you are not involved in this belief that is held by millions you may well start to want to be involved in this belief, feeling left out with your disbelief, and want to be involved in society's version of things as most people have a need to be accepted and liked by society.

its also known as 'peer pressure'

there has been tests done on groups of people, that when involved in a question test and they see the rest of the room answering a certain way, they will adapt their answer to fit with the rest even if they started off by choosing another answer

this can be explained by both of my answers, ie need to fit in and questioning your own judgment.