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Q: If Muffin recipe calls for whole wheat flour what can you use as substitute?
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Can you substitute white flour for whole wheat flour in a muffin recipe?

Use the all-purpose flour. Expect a different taste, and, possibly, texture/consistency.

What does flour do in a muffin recipe?

I predict that in a muffin recipe it makes the muffin raise or simply put makes it fluffy.

If a recipe calls for flour does it mean self rising or plain flour?

If a recipe calls for flour with no mention in the recipe for salt or baking powder then you can use self-rising

Can you substitute cornstarch for flour in a stew?

Only when the recipe calls for an extremely small quantity. 1 tablespoon of cornstarch is equal to 2 tablespoons of flour

Can you substitute flour for oatmeal in a recipe?


What can be used as a substitute for corn starch in a recipe?

Use twice the amount of flour that the recipe calls for. For example, to replace 1 Tbs cornstarch, use 2 Tbs of all-purpose flour.

How can you substitute cake flour if recipe calls for all purpose flour?

for every cup of all purpose you need use a cup of cake flour and add 2 tablespoons

How much all purpose flour do you use if the recipe calls for whole wheat?

You can sometimes substitute all-purpose flour for whole wheat flour in a recipe. To do this, you would use the same amount. However, not all recipes will turn out if you do this.

Can you substitute cornmeal for flour in a cookie recipe?

Yes, you can.

Can i substitute rice flour for all purpose flour for baking sapin sapin?

Sapin Sapin is a glutinous rice and coconut dessert, traditionally calling for rice flour. If your recipe calls for all-purpose flour, you can safely substitute equal parts brown or white rice flour.

Can you use millet in a recipe that calls for millet flour specifically a gluten free muffin recipe?

You can't use the whole grain. You can grind it in a blender or a coffee grinder and sift it through a fine strainer.

A recipe for muffin calls for 3/4 cup of flour. Carlito is making 6 batches of muffins. How many flour dose he need?

9/2 dose of flour

Can confectioners suger substitute flour?

no, sugar and flour do not contain the same chemicals so if a recipe calls for flour and you use confectioners sugar, the final product could be flat and disgusting. i highly recommend u do not do this!

Can you substitute almond flour for plain flour?

Yes, but not for the entire quantity of flour. You can usually substitute 10-20% of the plain flour with almond flour, depending on the recipe. Bear in mind that the recipe may not rise quite as well with almond flour (but it will still rise a bit).

When a recipe calls for 85g flour how much is that in an American recipe?

85 grams of flour is equal to 3/4 cup.

Can bread flour be a substitute for all purpose flour in a cupcake recipe?

Add 2 additional tablespoons of bread flour to the recipe for each 1 cup of flour that is called for.

What do you need to do to substitute bread flour for cake flour?

omit any baking powder from the recipe

When substituting flour for cornstarch use less or more flour?

If your recipe calls for cornstarch but you do not have any on hand, you can easily use flour. If the recipe calls for 1 tbsp. of cornstarch, use 2 tbsp. of all-purpose flour.

Can you substitute plain flour for cake flour?

Yes. To substitute plain flour for cake flour, use 1 Tablespoon LESS all-purpose flour in each cup of cake flour called for in the recipe.

What can you use to substitute for cornstarch in baking?

If the recipe calls for 1 tablespoon cornstarch use 2 tablespoons of flour or 4 teaspoons quick cooking tapioca.

If a recipe calls for 1 cup of sifted flour should flour be sifted before measuring or after?


If a bread recipe calls for pastry flour can you use cake flour?

Generally speaking, yes.

Do you use the same amount of cake flour as all purpose flour in a recipe?

No. If the recipe calls for all purpose flour and you want to use cake flour, add an additional 2 tablespoons cake flour per each cup called for in the recipe. If the recipe calls for cake flour and you want to use all purpose flour, then you do the opposite - use 1 cup all purpose flour minus 2 tablespoons per cup. But if using all purpose flour when the recipe calls for cake flour, be sure to sift it. Cake flour is lighter and more airy than all purpose flour.

What flour is used for eclairs?

You can use regular "all purpose" flour in eclairs, read the recipe you plan on using, and use whatever kind of flour the recipe calls for.

How do you take a small recipe to larger recipe?

To make your recipe bigger, double the amount of ingredients it calls for. For example, if a recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, use 2 cups.