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Q: If Picasso's boy with pipe painting sold for 104 million dollars how much for a lithograph or good copy?
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What is the highest price paid painting?

135 million dollars 135 million dollars

How much does it cost to frame a painting?

1 million dollars

How much is an original canvas painting of Renoir?

Some million dollars.

Louis w mccorkle painting worth?

it is worth nine million dollars

How much is The Scream worth?

Currently the cost of this painting is 119.9 million dollars.

How much is a Gordon grant 1927 painting worth?

$2.3 Million Dollars

What painting was sold for 135000000 at auction?

The painting that sold for 135 million dollars at auction was a Gustav Klimt painting. It was the Portrait of Adele Block Bauer.

How much is your Bernard W Evans painting worth?

One point two million dollars

What is a signed Renoir painting worth?

Some of them have been sold for over 70 million dollars.

How much is Picasso's first painting worth?

Try these sites: #1 very goodPierrette's Wedding by Picasso was auctioned at Drouot's in Paris for $51300000.

How much is the painting Guernica by Picasso approximately worth?

Noone can tell, but another Picasso painting was sold this week for 106.5 million dollars.

How much is Edward Munch's painting The Scream worth?

Edward Munch did the painting "The Scream". It could be worth up to 81 million dollars.

How much is a Van Gogh worth?

A Van Gogh painting is worth $82 million dollars. The painting is Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers and this Van Gogh painting was sold in 1987.

Is it possible to have an original Frederic Remington painting?

Of course it is. His works cost tens of thosands of dollars. Aucton record 5,6 million dollars.

How much is Pablo Picasso's artwork?

The highest price paid for a Picasso painting is 104 million dollars.

Which sunflower painting by Vincent van Gogh sold for 39.7 million dollars?

12 Sunflowers, 1888.

What is the most expensive painting ever?

The Card Players, by Paul Cezanne, was auctioned off at 250 million dollars making it the most expensive painting in history.

Can a million dollars double in a year on interest?

You can,t a million dollars interest from a million dollars but you can get half a million dollars

How many dollars are there in 1 million?

There are a million dollars in one million dollars,however if you mean one million the number then there are no dollars in one million.

What is one million dollars equal to in 2014 dollars?

1 million dollars = 1 million dollars

How many one dollars are in one million dollars?

there are one million dollars in one million dollars.

Which ones has the most value million dollars or million dollars?

The million dollars. Definitely.

How much has a Jackson Pollock painting sold for?

In 2006 one of his paintings was sold for a record sum of 140 million dollars.

How much money is a million dollars?

A million dollars.

How much does a million dollars cost?

About a million dollars.