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# He was a better president probably of all time.

# FDR served 3 terms as president-- more than any other US president-- so the conditional clause in the question ('if...died') in the question is really unnecessary to judge the merits of Roosevelt's presidency.

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Q: If President Franklin D. Roosevelt had not died would he have been a better President than Harry Truman?
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Who was the better leader Franklin D. Roosevelt Roosevelt or Harry Truman?

FDR by far. Harry Truman was a great president but the only thing major he did was approved the bombing of japan. FDR went through the Great Depression and 99% of world war 2 and probably would have allowed japans bombing

What edication did Franklin D. Roosevelt have?

a better one than you

Who is a better president Jefferson or T Roosevelt?

thomas jefferson was a better president

What was the source of the disagreement between president truman and general douglas MacArthur-?

Truman thought he was a better soldier than MacArthur.

How did franklin d roosevelt make the world a better place?

cause hes awesome

Which president established the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving?

Franklin Roosevelt, in response to a request by the owner of the Lazarus department store chain for a set date to better accommodate the shopping season.

What executive agreement did US President Franklin D. Roosevelt make with the government of Iceland in July of 1941?

At the end of May, 1941, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a presidential proclamation. In this proclamation he declared that the US was in a state of "unlimited national emergency". On that basis Roosevelt made an executive agreement with Iceland to have US troops dispatched to Iceland. This move caused concern in the Senate. Senator Taft of Ohio expressed the most concern. Later Roosevelt stated that it was better that US troops reached Iceland before Nazi Germany did.

What was one thing Franklin Roosevelt was able to do better than Herbert Hoover?

Engineering dams and bridges

Why was president Roosevelt internationalist?

President Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt were internationalists, because the USA is better off being involved with the other countries of the world, instead of being isolationists. Our nation (except for Native Americans and Slaves) was settled by Immigrants who came here of their own free will, looking for a better life. We have roots that extend to every nation on the planet Earth. Of course the USA should be an international nation.

What accounts for Roosevelt's great popularity as president?

Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal is credited with ending the Great Depression in the United States. His policies helped both the working poor and big businesses, and the economy overall fared much better under his administration than it had under Herbert Hoover's.

Which statement about President Theodore Roosevelt square deal is an opinion rather than a fact?

The Square Deal was better than any other president's program would be a statement about President Theodore Roosevelt's square deal that is an opinion rather than a fact. Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th U.S. President.

When did US President Franklin D. Roosevelt decide to invade the Philippines in World War 2?

In July of 1944 US President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with his senior commanders in Hawaii to decide whether to invade the Philippines or Taiwan. The senior US Navy commanders believed that an invasion of Taiwan would aid the "island hopping" Pacific campaign and the US Air Force could keep Japanese forces in the Philippines isolated. The US Army believed that invading the Philippines was a better way to take control of US military operations in East Asia. President Roosevelt decided that the US had better prospects if the Philippines were retaken. The Japanese had captured the Philippines in 1962.

Why did President Truman remove General MacArthur from command of US troops in Korea?

MacArthur made the very bad choice of publicly criticizing US foreign and military policy. He worked for President Truman and should have known better.

Why is president Truman considered a great President now but was less popular during his presidency?

because he helped make the world a better place to live in

Why John Adams became President and not Franklin?

every one must of liked him better

Why would you bring Theodore Roosevelt back to be president again?

Nixon would be better or regen

In addition to desegregating war industries president Roosevelt agreed?

make better jobs available to African Americans

In addition to desegregating war industries president Roosevelt agreed to what?

make better jobs available to African Americans

What were some of Franklin D Roosevelt's interests?

to help people and make the world a better place then it was until he went back into office

What is a government leader in the US during world war 2?

F D Roosevelt until he died, then H. Truman. Better check the spelling on those.

Where was the Great Depression start?

The main start of the great depression was the stock market crash in 1929. President Hoover did not hold action because he assumed things would get better on their own but he was incorrect and president Franklin D. Roosevelt saved the stabilized the economy with deficit spending until the start of WWII.

What did Teddy Roosevelt do as president?

he was known as one of the better presidents

Who was the progressive party candidate for president in 1912?

Theodore Roosevelt was the candidate of the Progressive Party of 1912. The party is better known as the Bull Moose Party was set up mostly to nominate Theodore Roosevelt for President.

Which party was more successful in the 1932 elections?

the successful party was the democrats party because hoover was doing a bad job with the Great depression so Franklin roosevelt promised he would do a better job so he is now president by chase.s

Who is on the 10 cent coin?

It's called a Roosevelt dime because the portrait is that of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Please note that this site has a Coins and Currency thread that's better suited to questions about, well, coins and currency. "Money and Credit" is for financial matters like checking accounts, credit cards, etc.