If Prius 2007 need a brake fluid change when should it be done and how often?

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If, as you say, it needs doing then it should be done as soon as possible.
Brake fluid seldom needs changing though it does degenerate over time, mainly by absorbing moisture. The precise detail will be in your manual.
The fluid reservoir needs checking topping up occasionally and certainly will require it after a brake pad change.
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How often should brakes be changed?

If you're talking front ones, and they were installed properly and the system doesn't develop other problems to cause premature wear, and also depending if you're talking city or highway driving, not to mention what quality of parts were installed, I would expect about 35,000. If you have rear drum ( Full Answer )

How often do you need to get car brakes changed?

Generally, you will find most front disc brake pads last about25,000-30,000 miles if they are serviced right. However there aremany factors that can add or subtract from this. The factorsinclude weight of vehicle, city or highwaty driving, drivinghabits, if rear brakes are kept in adjustment, If the ( Full Answer )

How often should you have to change rear brakes on a Honda?

Answer . depends on driver and driving conditions I use ceramic pads so they last about 2-3 years -Additional info: Mine is has been driven in city conditions (lots of stop & go). The rear brakes actually needed to be replaced about 30,000 to 32,000 miles. I was very surprised. I've put high ( Full Answer )

How often should you change your brakes?

Answer \n. \nIt depends on the type of driving. If it's heavy "stop and go", you should probably have the brakes checked every 10,000 miles; on the other hand if it's mostly freeway you can go 50,000 or more.

How often should brake pads be changed?

It depends on the vehicle and the driver. Some folks wear out brakes in less than 15K and some folks go 75K before they need replacing. Have your brakes checked each time you have the vehicle serviced.

How often should brake fluid be changed?

It depends on the type of fluid and level of contamination or heat. if there is no problem with the fluid it should be left alone!

Why is a breast exam needed and how often should it be done?

The Importance of Breast Examinations . Breast examination is a way in which early changes can be detected, as survival chances are excellent if cancers are detected early. Self-examination should be done monthly, just after a period. If you would like to learn how to do this, see the Web Link ( Full Answer )

How often should you change the brake fluid in your car?

If the fluid is more than a couple years old and is dark and nasty looking, suck it out of the master cylinder, pour fresh dry fluid of the correct type in, and bleed all four wheel cylinders/calipers starting with the right rear till the fresh clear fluid comes out. I usually change mine every time ( Full Answer )

How often should you change the front brake pads?

There is no set time to change the pads. How often depends on how you drive. They may last 20,000 to 80,000. Inspect them every so often and listen for the squeal of the warning device. Replace immediately if you hear this.

How often should you change brake pads on a Pontiac sunfire?

Brake pad life is highly variable, based on pad material and quality, driving behavior and proper operation of other brake components. The only way to know for sure is to pull off the wheels and inspect the pads. If any linings are worn to within 1/16 inch of the backing or rivet heads, replace them ( Full Answer )

How often do you need to change brake pads or rotors on a car?

Brake Pads: Depends on the warranted life of the pads already on your car. If you have 10,000-mile brake pads, you need to replace them every 10,000 miles. However, if you hear a grinding noise coming from your wheels, regardless of the mileage on your pads, you probably need to replace the pads. If ( Full Answer )

How often should you change brake fuild?

brake fluid changes and brake inspections should be done atleast every two years, mainly the brake fluid has a tendancy to soak up moisture in the air and then this accumulated water tends to boil in the lines and calipers and brake cylinders during use, causing air pockets and a degradtion of braki ( Full Answer )

How often should you change brake pads?

When they wear out. There is really no set mileage to change pads. They wear according to how you drive, and the weight of the car. 40,000 miles in normal, but I have seen them wear out in 20,000 or even 75,000 miles. Insect them and listen for the warning device to squeal.

How often do i need to change the battery for a Toyota Prius?

Since 1998 no Prius have had battery replacement due to "wearing out". So far only accidents or defective batteries have been replaced. Keep in mind the Prius does not use one big battery either, instead it is 10 or 12 smaller batteries in a long casing. If one should deplead they would just replace ( Full Answer )

How often should you change your brakes on a Honda accord?

When the pads reach the wear indicator, which you will hear as a squeal. Odd as it may seem, The rear brake pads will more than likely wear out before the front on your Accord. This is common on a Honda. How long they will last depends on how you drive, but expect to replace the rear pads at around ( Full Answer )

How often do you change transmission fluid 2007 silverado?

Unless you work the truck real hard then it should be changed about every 40.000 miles. I believe your truck has a transmission filter on the bottom of it and I would change that every other oil change. I think it is a screew on filter.

How often should brake fluid be changed in 2004 f-150 ford truck?

Most car makers recommend that the brake fluid be changed every two years. The make/model of the vehicle is not an issue, it is just that brake fluid has a "life span" of about 2 years once it is in use. Brake fluid is "hygroscopic", which means it absorbs water from the air, so after about tw ( Full Answer )

How often to change brake fluid?

Usually every year or two you need to change it check your owners manual for their specifications

How often do you need to flush the brake fluid on a 2007 Toyota?

After having problems with seizing wheel cylinders and other brake problems due to moisture in the hydroscopic brake fluid, I started flush clean fluid through the brake systems of my vehicles every 2 years... Have not had a single corrosion (or any brake problem for that matter) since...

How often to you need to change your brakes?

There is not an exact answer in miles to this question - much depends on your driving style and where you drive (i.e. hills, flat, freeway, city streets). You will find an estimated number in the owners manual of your car but at best it is an estimate. Check or have your brakes checked at about 10,0 ( Full Answer )

How often should you change the brakes?

It would depend on the driver's habits and the vehicle. I would recommend they be inspected by a mechanic every 10K or once a year.

How often should you change the brakes if car is used?

There really is no set time or even mileage. If good quality brake pads and s hoes are fitted, they will last a long time. Most disc brake pads have 'squealer' plates, these are thin tin plates that screech when your pads need to be replaced. I like to keep a good eye on all essential features of my ( Full Answer )

When and why should you change your brake fluid?

Brake fluid is a hygroscopic liquid, which means that it gradually absorbs water from the atmosphere. This process causes the boiling point of the brake fluid to reduce and this can result in the brake fluid boiling and turning to a gas under prolonged heavy braking (know as a vapor lock). Once th ( Full Answer )

How often should you check the brake fluid in your car?

The reservoir for each of these is usually transparent, so you can also verify the condition of the fluid at the same time. The brake fluid should be an amber color, while transmission fluid should be red. If you have an older car, you would check the brake fluid at the master cylinder, each side of ( Full Answer )

How often should you change your brake rotors?

This depends on the vehicle. However, if you notice your steering wheel shakes when you apply your brakes, your rotors may be out of round. They can be resurfaced by a mechanic, usually only once because they will become too thin. If you have any concerns, ask your favorite mechanic.

How often should you change brake pads on a Volvo?

Older rear-wheel drive Volvos eat front brake pads. In city driving, I would average 20 - 25,000 miles max on the fronts. Since most of the effort is on the front brakes, the rear pads last significantly longer. I've had 4 Volvos, 240, (2) 740s and a 940 (current) The rear pads will get 100k. If you ( Full Answer )

How often should you change transmission fluid 2007 Toyota corolla?

The Toyota Dealer Service Writer Steve said Toyota Corp. does not suggest a specific interval. If the oil is black and/or burnt smelling, then change it. If you simply do a drain and refill, you will need 4-6 qts of Toyota T IV transmission fluid that costs $5.28/qt at Michaels Toyota in Fresno, CA. ( Full Answer )

Why brake fluid should be changed?

the average boiling point of the brake fluid has dropped to a potentially dangerous level because of moisture contamination and may not meet minimum federal requirements for brake fluid.

When should you change your brake fluid?

you should consider changing your brake fluid every half an hour if you do not do this your car will seasup and will not be able to start your car u should alsio copnsider shagging your wife every now and then lol

Why you need to change the brake fluid of the vehicle?

the average boiling point of the brake fluid has dropped to a potentially dangerous level because of moisture contamination and may not meet minimum federal requirements for brake fluid.

How often should one replace their brake fluid?

The best advice is to follow the manufacturer's service interval recommendations.Fluid should also be changed if it appears dirty (new fluid is nice clear yellow) or the cap has been loose on the reservoir (as brake fluid is hygroscopic and will absorb moisture from the air, rendering it ineffective ( Full Answer )

How often should you change brake pads on a car?

there is no set time because of many factors .and condition ofbrake wear . rule of thumb is check six months to a year alldepends stop and go traffic or towing . heavy braking .if theystart making noise also.

How often should the radiator fluid be changed?

Most car manufacturers recommend your coolant be changed every24,000 to 36,000 miles, or every 24 to 36 months. Sooner if youmeet the hard service standard -- mostly stop-and-go driving,pulling a trailer, driving on unpaved roads, etc. When in doubt,check your owners manual.