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I don't think he ever dated Lady Gaga

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yes she is look in COSMO mag :)

Yes, a German footballer called Robert Enke.

Lady Gaga does not have a girlfriend, she is dating footballer Robert Enke and he's not a girl.

Not sure but I think she's dating Robert Enke from Hannover 96?

Please note Robert Enke the former German goalkeeper iis dead. He comitted suicide before the 2010 world cups in Germany.

Yes, She is engaged to Robert Enke.

She kissed Robert Enke:

Her boyfriend is Robert Enke and he is 33.

Of cors not she would be to dumb to date him

Yes, Lady Gaga does have a boyfriend (Robert Enke) but doesn't like talking about her love life in interviews for some reasons.

No, Lady Gaga and Rihanna are not dating.

Lady Gaga is not dating anyone at this time.

Robert Enke is not her boyfriend, she even doesn't know him. Actually Her Boyfriend name is Luc Carl and she is dating him, there also rumors that they're engaged already and going to marry. You can check his official website

No. There is no proof to these rumors and Lady Gaga is dating a popstar nicknamed speedy

No, Lady Gaga is not related to Rober Pattinson.

ya she's dating a 29 year old entrepeneur named " Speedy" i thought lady gaga was bi???

Lady GaGa has been rumored to be dating her friend Mathew Williams. Nobody officailly knows. Except Lady GaGa

No Bill is not dating anyone.

She actually broke up with him December 27 2010!

Right now, she is dating sean brittain- haha he wishes

she is dating drake from young money and likes lady gaga

Yes Lady Gaga is By Sexual her and Beyonce are dating and are play mates...

Yes, Lady Gaga is dating with 29 year old bartender, Luc Carl. At first he broke her heart, but in August 2010 they got back together. :)

Lady GaGa said she wasn't ready for a relationship but she is now dating her ex boyfriend Luc Williams.

No, she does not. She is currently dating her boyfriend Luc Carl.