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If Sammy Sosa Barry Bonds and Ichiro Suzuki were in a home run contest who would win?


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Home Run Contest

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds would definitely win. He did take steroids so without them who knows if he would win Ichiro? Not even close (no offense).

Probably Bonds, though Sosa would have a good chance.

Given the whole steroid thing going on nowadays, the whole issue is probably pointless anyway.

Well Bonds of old wouldn't win against Sosa of old....but the way Sosa been hitting Bonds would kill him

Bonds would win. Ichiro is a good player, but is not a home run hitter, and in fact has below average power. As a Mariners fan i am sure of this.

bonds would definitely win, followed by Sosa, suzuki has the record for most hits in a single season, but very little homeruns.

supposedly ichiro has a whole lot of power when he wants too.... ive heard that in batting practice he kills balls. i bet if he wanted to he could put on a show

Barry Bonds would win hands down, yeah he took steroids, but before he did he would hit 40 homeruns and 115 rbi, and when he did take steroids he hit 50 homeruns with 130 rbi, he is the greatest power hitter ever to play the game, with or without steroids,the answer is Barry Bonds.


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