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the doors have locks on them because they are required by the city to be on the doors. It would be against code if the door didn't have locks, regaurdless of their store hours.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-15 21:34:36
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Q: If Seven Eleven stays open 24 7 why does it have locks on the doors?
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Answer: busted door switch/switches.

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The door ajar light stays on ONLY when the key is on, you may have a faulty switch in one of your doors. My power locks are like yours, the rear driver door locks, but none of the others. My passenger door lock is jamed (unlocked thankfully) I think this may be causing the other locks to malfunction.

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you may have a circuit or you can check your doors for any malfunctions

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Try spraying WD40 in the door latch.

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