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missed period, sore breast 12days, negative home preg test, light creamy spotting


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Pregnant women usually spot after becoming pregnant. My advice is to go get checked.

It be ovulation spotting which i know nothing about telling you the truth or It could be Implantation bleeding

Well, implantation spotting usually occurs a week after ovulation or a week before your period. Considering it

It could be ovulation spotting, a light period or implantation bleeding

More likely that you were ovulating. A lot of when spot during ovulation and ovulation usually occurs 2 weeks after your last period

If you know for sure you ovulated because of BBT Temp Chart then, if was just ovulation pain and this has no indication of whether or not you have conceived.

Ovulation can not make you pregnant. Ovulation does cause a woman to be fertile at this point and she could conceive.

Spotting does not always mean you are pregnant. Many women spot during ovulation (releasing an egg) as well. Ovulation normally occurs around 2 weeks after your last period. Also, it could just be because you have old blood left over from your last period that is coming out now

If you had unprotected sex, yes you could be pregnant even with the spotting.

No, it occurs at other times too. For example, many women experience spotting each month during ovulation (the releasing of the egg from the ovary)No, not necessarily. It could be because you are ovulating. Many women spot during ovulation (releasing an egg).

It's a bit too early for a thick creamy discharge during pregnancy. Its possible you may be experiencing left over ovulation discharge, have a yeast infection or are ovulating twice instead of once. Some women do ovulate twice for a unknown reason. But if you think your pregnant, wait until your period is due then do a test.

If you are spotting while pregnant, go see a doctor. Could be a bad sign

It's probably ovulation spotting and not yet pregnancy. Implantation bleeding is probably not going to occur yet by only 4 days post-ovulation.

If you are not pregnant, this is a sign of impending ovulation. If you are pregnant, it is a sign of increase estrogen (normal when pregnant).

Depending on when you're spotting and how much you're spotting. It could just be from ovulation or hormone fluctuations, or it could be a sign of infection or even pregnancy. But it's not generally normal.

It is probably due to ovulation (releasing an egg). Many women spot during ovulation. However, if there's a chance you could be pregnant, then it could be caused by that. Particularly if you don't get your period. If you don't get your period, take a pregnancy test.

Yes - you could be pregnant. Unfortunately it is too soon to know for sure - as these symptoms could be something else. My first symptoms were sore breasts and bloating - and this started about 10 days after ovulation.

You can still be pregnant even though you are spotting and loosing blood clots.

Spotting occurring about 2 weeks after your period could simply be the spotting that sometimes occurs with ovulation.

Some women experience some spotting at ovulation. If you had unprotected sex in the days leading up to the 14th day, you could be pregnant. Have a test done if your period doesn't come or you had unprotected sex and are worried.

pink spotting is a pregnancy sign you could be well pregnant its called Implantation bleeding

Because of ovulation, which is when you release an egg. Many women spot during ovulation. It could also be because you have old blood left over from your last period in your uterus and birth canal and it is just coming out very slowly. If there is any chance you could be pregnant, the spotting could be because of that. Overall, I would say the most likely cause is ovulation.

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