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Did you reset the GFCI? Any outlet attached to the GFCI's load (output) will not work if the GFCI has no power/is inoperable.

The water heater could have a neutral-to-ground short, a type of fault which would be not have shown up on a circuit having no GFCI. That would be a good reason to scrap the water heater if it cannot be fixed! Anyway the best advice is to call in an electrician to run a separate circuit for your water heater.

Take the water heater off of that circuit! Nothing else should be on that circuit, and call a electrician to run a separate circuit for your water heater!!! 1500watts divided by 120 volts is 12.5 amps.

Always be sure to switch off the breakers at the main panel before you attempt to do any work on any mains power circuit.

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How do you rewire an outlet?

Why are you trying to rewire it? What's wrong that you're trying to repair? If the wiring is damaged, you'd do more than if it's just a worn out plug outlet.

How do you rewire a 120v outlet to 240v?

You don't. Electric devices like outlets have voltage and current ratings that should not be exceeded. Also, the 240V would have to be run from the main panel and may require a different size wire depending on the current required.

How do you rewire a 110 volt receptacle to produce 220 volts?

You would need to rewire it at the breaker box, and switch it from a single pole breaker to a double pole breaker. But when you do, all outlets and lights on that circuit will carry 240 volts. Best thing to do is run a new wire to the outlet you want to carry 240 volts. Put it on it's own circuit with the proper size breaker. I advise you to call an electrician unless you know what you are doing.

How do you rewire an outlet to work independently and not by a light switch?

Most switched outlets have one half that's hot all the time. If that's the case it will be as easy as changeing the outlet. In the center of each side of the outlet there is a small piece of copper connecting the two screws. Look and see if the copper piece is broken on the hot side, if it is then replace the outlet using the constant hot. Cap off the unused wire from the switch. If both sides of the outlet are switched then you can remove the two wires from the switch and tie them together. then either replace the switch and have a dummy or put on a blank cover. You should be all set.

How can you rewire a wall switch that controls a light to control an outlet also?

If you don't know, don't try it, it could be dangerous. You need an electrician to teach you.

Why does your inside 4 outlet circuit randomly go off under no load only to come on again at random without tripping the breaker while outside lights on the same circuit stay on?

When your house was wired the outlets were probably wired using the stab in terminals on the back of the outlets, these tend to cause trouble over time.Turn off the power and rewire the outlets using the binding screw terminals.By chance if the outlets are wired on the binding screws, inspect all for loose joints.You may have to inspect every box and outlet on this circuit to find the problem. I once had a customer who was having a similar problem and it only showed up while playing the stereo very loud.We determined that the vibration was causing the stab in terminals to loose contact,we removed every outlet and switch and reconnected all by using the binding screws and the problem went away.Hope this helps.

How do you rewire a 120V lamp to a 240V?

If your trying to plug in a 110 Volt lamp into 240 volt outlet the answer is simple. You must buy a step down transformer, or your lamp will burn out.

How do you rewire electric scooter?

how can i rewire my electric scooter? it's a razor e500

How do you rewire an outlet so one works with a switch and the other one is hot?

A typical duplex outlet has metal tabs on the sides that connect the twooutlets and a pair ofwiring terminals (hot and neutral)for each outlet. If you break off these tabs, you can power the two outlets individually. The circuit for the one you want switchedgoes through the switch to the terminals for that outlet. Run the hot wire to switch, the hot wire from switch to hot terminal of outlet you want switched, and neutral wire to neutral terminal of outlet you want switched. Run hot and neutral wires to the appropriate terminalsfor the other outlet.As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.Before you do any work yourself,on electrical circuits, equipment or appliancesalways use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.

Can I use 18 AWG speaker wire to rewire a lamp?

using 18 AWG speaker wire to rewire a lamp

Can you replace a 110V hospital bed motor with 220V motor?

Yes, if you rewire the bed and rewire the plug on the wall to 220 volts.

How do you repair a damaged space heater cord?

Repairing it would depend on how it was damaged. A person could simply tape up some torn pieces if its an easy fix, or rewire it with extra wire for a major fix.Ê

Are there any dryers with a regular wall socket plug?

No; the third prong is there to protect you from stray voltage and it grounds the wiring. Although you could probably find an adaptor, it would be much safer for you to have an electrician rewire the outlets so they can accept a three prong plug.

How do you rewire a magnetic ballast F96T12 fixture to work with a new electronic ballast?

The end sockets have to be rewired. The schematic for the rewire is on the ballast label.

Is there any way to rewire a cam shaft position sensor on a 90 Eclipse Turbo?

Go to Road Race Enginiering they have a page on how to rewire the CAS

How can you convert a 120V outlet to a 240V outlet without rewiring the outlet?

You rewire the outlet. The maximum voltage rating of devices comes into play here. A 120 volt device can only be used on voltages up to 120 volts as per the manufactures specifications. These maximum voltage ratings come from regulations that state there can only be certain minimum distance clearance between live parts. These minimum clearances become greater as the voltage level increases. This is why you would have to change to a 240 volt rated device if you supply 240 volts to it.

How do you rewire a 110 volt HID Magnetic coil ballast to use 220 volt?

Unless the ballast is a multi tap primary you can not rewire it for 220 volts.

How much to rewire power panel and circuits?

It depends on many factors such as access to panel and wiring, possible meter replacement, replacement of wires in walls, replacing outlets if needed and so forth. Just call at least two local electricians and get estimates that are written and detail what is to be done.

How do you rewire a 240V outlet for 120V?

This is virtually impossible, as 210 is coming from the main fuse or breaker box from a 220 breaker or fuse. In order to do this you would have to start at the breaker or fuse box and rewire the breaker or fuse for the 110 outlet. otherwise this project will be impossible to complete without having risk of fire later. When 220 is run it is run alone and not intertwined with 110. 220 is double 110 output and will cause problems if not switched over to 110 properly. Use 110 wire and start at the breaker or fuse box. Most newer houses or electrical have breakers. Hope this helps. To do this correctly, you need to remove one of the hot wires and wrap both ends with white tape and reconnect it to the common strip in the panel.(220 is created by two 110 circuits out of phase) Replace the 220 outlet with a 110 outlet and wire it just like any 110 outlet. If you are lucky, the 220 outlet may already have 4 wires (2 hots, 1 common, 1 ground) in this case all you need to do is remove one hot and wire up the new 110 outlet. Insulate any bare wire and be sure the power is off before you start.

How do you rewire a motorcycle?

If Available you buy the correct Wiring Harness.

How do you rewire 3 phase hot water system to single phase power?

It could be a problem because if it's a 3-phase system it might be an exceptionally powerful water heater. See an electrician who will know what questions to ask once he has seen the probem.

How can i rewire a lamp cord that's been cut in half?

The best way is to replace. Get same type of wire from a hardware store & you can buy the ends as well-the rest is easy. Splicing the wires is a fire hazard. If it reaches the outlet, a new plug end is the easiest way to go.

Can a Cingular Sim be used on a Chocolate Phone?

Its possible if you rewire it correctly

How do you wire a 3 way cord?

He do you splice and rewire an iphone4 cord

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