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A minor in the US needs parental permission to marry. Even if the parents of the minor allowed her to marry and she would then be considered emancipated it is unlikely she would be able to apply for a spousal visa for her husband until she is of legal age. If the minor marries outside the US the marriage would be legal. A minor cannot legally leave the US without parental permission and in most cases being accompanied by an adult. A minor who left the US by illegal means and married in a foreign country would not be considered legally married in the US.

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Q: If a 16-year-old US citizen marries a foreign national how could she obtain permission for her husband to enter the US?
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Can a us citizen marry a foreign national on a tourist visa?

A US citizen can marry a foreign national on a tourist visa. The only requirement is that neither of them should already be married.

Does a foreign national become a US citizen if they marry a US citizen?

After a petition is filed and accepted. Yes.

Will a Canadian citizen lose their Canadian citizenship if they marry a German national?

When applying for German citizenship, you should ask them for a permission to retain foreign nationality. If they do not approve that, and you still want to become a German citizen, then you should renounce your Canadian nationality.

If a foreign national divorces a US citizen does that foreign national become an illegal alien?

No. But only if the person already has US permanent residency.

Can an NRI or foreign national be a partner in an LLP?

Yes, an NRI or Foreign National can be a Partner after obtaining a DPIN. At least, one of the partners has to be a resident Indian citizen.

Can I marry an incarcerated immigrant who has a revoked visa?

The prisoner would need to obtain permission to marry and it would be highly unlikely that such permission would be granted. If allowed, marriage to a US citizen would not prevent the foreign national from being deported once he has served the imposed sentence.

Can a non-citizen foreign national divorce her military husband?

Why would her nationality, citizenship, or his military status disqualify her for a divorce? It would be the same as for a foreign citizen married to a civilian, or an American citizen married to someone in the military.

If a citizen of Canada marries a US citizen will they automatically receive US citizenship?

No. Marrying a US citizen does not automatically confer permanent resident or citizenship status on any foreign national.

If Indian citizen marries foreign national does she losses her nationality?

No, she will not lose her nationality. Chances are she may also get foreign national's country citizenship too. However, marrying a foreigner does not have chances of losing nationality.

Can an illegal immigrant gain legal status by marrying a US citizen?

No, marriage to a US citizen does not mean the foreign national will be granted permanent residency or citizenship status.

Can a US citizen be sued by a foreign citizen?


After a US citizen and a foreign national on a tourist visa obtain a marriage license can the foreign national apply for a 'green card'?

No, the couple would need to become legally married, the citizen spouse would need to apply for a change of status for the non citizen spouse. If it is granted the foreign spouse would be allowed to remain in the US and after having been married for two years could apply for permanent resident status.

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