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It could happen. That is difficult, you can be brought back to your parents at any time, as you are considered a child being only 16, the police could pick you up and take you back home and yes they could charge him with Harboring a Runaway Child (Penal Code) at their and your parents discretion, but I am not sure about kidnapping. I would say wait until you turn 18, as then no one can stop you being with him! Also if he loves you he wont mind waiting a couple of years, show your maturity now, and when you turn 18 your parents may be happier to actually help you two move in together!! * The 19-year old is an adult and could be charged with several criminal offenses pertaining to N.C. "crimes against underage persons" statutes. However, kidnapping would not apply such charges relate to the forceful, unlawful removing and/or detainment of a person or persons against their will.

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Q: If a 16-year-old and 19-year-old run away in the state of North Carolina can the 19-year-old be charged with kidnapping?
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Can a mother be charged with parental kidnapping?


If there is no custody order can you go get your children and not be charged with kidnapping?

yes you can

Will I be charged if I kidnap Justin Bieber?

Of course. Kidnapping anyone is a crime.

Can a repossession agent take your car with your kids in it?

Only if they want to be charged with kidnapping. NO.

Can a mother be charged with parental kidnapping if she takes her child out of state and they are still married?


Why is OJ Simpson in jail?

He is in jail because he was charged for kidnapping and armed robbery.

Can a father take baby when mother has full custody?

Not legally. Father can be charged with kidnapping.

How did the Miranda vs Arizona case came about?

Miranda was arrested and charged with kidnapping and rape.

Can a mother be charged for kidnapping by the ex who sign the birth certificate even if he is not the child's real dad?

In order for a mother to be charged with kidnapping, there must be a custody order awarding someone else custody, or her parental rights must be terminated. The police would charge her with kidnapping. The father or any other adult could report the crime to the police.

Can a mother be charged for kidnapping of a minor child for traveling out of US without a fathers permission?


If you signed temporary custody over to your mother of your son would you be charged with kidnapping if you took him without her permission?

Unless you go back to court and have the custody order reversed then yes, you could be charged with kidnapping because while the order is in effect she is acting as the parent.

If a 18-year-old and a 16-year-old run away can he be charged for kidnapping?

Yes. If the parents decide to press kidnapping charges, the 18 year old could be charged. Any adult (18+) who "runs away" with a child (under 18) could technically be charged with kidnapping. However, if it came to court, I think it's unlikely. It would depend on the state and the judge.

How come parents don't get in trouble for kidnapping their own children?

Often they do. A parent can be charged with kidnapping if they take the child without the other parent's knowledge or consent or from a court appointed guardian.

What are the charges for kidnapping?

If you kidnap a child you would be charged with child indangermeant and probably a few other things.

Can a mother of a child be charged with parental kidnapping if she is the only known parent of the child?

If she is not the one with custody, yes.

What is the consequence for a parent to leave the country with a child without permision of the other parent?

The parent would be charged with kidnapping.

How much jail time will you get for kidnapping and sexual assualt in florida?

For kidnapping you can receive up to life imprisonment in the State of Florida.See below link:Sexual assault would likely NOT be charged as a seperate offense but would,instead, be added as an enhancing charge to the Kidnapping offense.

Mother wants to take her son to see family for a week an has no vehicle an gets a ride from a friend can the friend be charged with kidnapping?

if the mom is there, no, even if the mom isn't it's still not kidnapping, kidnapping is when somebody takes the child and doesn't give it back, that's just getting a ride

Why was Angela Davis in jail?

Ms. Davis was charged with aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder. She was found not guilty at trial.

Can a mother be charged with kidnapping in new york if she moves out of state?

It depends, if you are not supposed to due to some court order then YES

Can a mother be charged with kidnapping her own child if there is no custody agreement and she has been raising the child?

Without more details the simple answer is no.

Can a father be charged with kidnapping if he takes the child out of state and there is no custody arrangement and they are married?

No. Since they are married they have equal rights to the child.

If you take your girlfriend from Dallas to El Paso can you be charged with kidnapping?

Not unless she does not go willingly. If she agrees to go, then this is not kidnapping. You are not crossing any state lines, so there is no laws preventing you from traveling from one city in Texas to another.

In New York State what is the youngest age that a child can be charged with a violent crime?

13 years old for murder 14 for kidnapping

Can you take your child out of state no custody?

No, not with out permission from the child's custodial parent and the court. You could be charged with kidnapping and risk of injury to a minor.