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I think you're pretty smart and there is something bothering you in the back of your mind or you wouldn't have posted. BEWARE! While the internet is a wonderful tool there is everything from kiddy porn recruiters to rapists. You don't know this person and you will never know them over the internet unless you make it happen. My niece is 20 years old and met a nice young man named Scott over the internet. The first thing he did was insist on coming to British Columbia to meet her parents (he lives in Alberta.) He did come and he seemed like a nice young man. Then he invited my niece to stay with him and his parents and the parents spoke to my niece's parents. She had a wonderful time and they have a long distance relationship, but she plans on moving to Calgary and working there. That's how things are handled. If someone has nothing to hide then they'll insist of meeting the parents and not hide behind the computer screen. Try this one in your next email "It would make me so happy if you'd come out and meet my parents." If he uses excuses such as his work won't permit it, it's too far to come or, he "can't do" run far and fast! This guy is too smooth an operator and he could be dangerous. I hope you take my last word in the sentence before seriously! If in doubt about how young women go missing, etc., then just talk to your local police department. They are pleading with people to be careful with whom they talk too over the internet. I'm putting my bet on you that you're one smart cookie and you won't fall for this and are careful about what you do. You are too young and have your whole life ahead of you and this man is too old for you and knows exactly what he's doing. Move on! Good luck hon Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-05 18:57:00
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Q: If a 16-year-old living in Kansas met a 25-year-old living in Illinois online and have been talking for a while now can anything happen like police involvement?
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