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If a 17-year-old has his own insurance in North Carolina will his parents' insurance premiums go up?


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That depends on weather or not your 17 year old has their insurance on the parents policy. It will go up if the child is on the parents policy, but if the child has their own policy, it won't. But it will be cheaper if the child is added on to the parents policy. My husband is a North Carolina State Trooper so I know alot about insurance. Also, call around and go online for the cheapest rates.

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Is there a web site available for free for research to see if parents have life insurance coverage and if refunds are due to them of spousal death?

Yes, most insurers require parents or guardians to pay premiums for a minor driver with a permit. In most cases, insurance rates will rise if a minor resides in the home who is of driving age, whether they acquire a permit to drive or not.

Old enough to have a good income to pay for the insurance premiums. Most children are covered in their parents policies up to age 26 IF they are attending school/university full time. Most employers will have a medical plan that you can join and participate in, and have the monthly premiums deducted from your pay. When you get to retirement age (Medicare) you will rely upon your retirement savings accounts and pensions to pay those premiums.

The best thing to do is get on your parents insurance because their premiums will raise less than you would pay for on your own. If you want to get some quotes for yourself, go ahead. I have linked an easy site that leads you through the quote process with tips for keeping your premiums low.

No, unless they are an executor of the estate and the parent had been paying the insurance premiums before their death.. Any person can insure anyone, it only means that a policy will be paid on death of the person they have insured and is paid to the person who paid the premiums or to their estate.

If they are elderly parents, Yes. But if you are under 40 you cannot put life insurance on your parents.

You may take out an insurance policy on your parents if you have power of attorney over them.

Ask your insurance company. It is likely that you parents will need to be the owners.

I assume you are Canadian. I am as well, and I am a Broker. First of all, it's dependant upon if the accident was at fault, so rates may not change. If you are at fault, no matter if you are dropped thereafter, there will still be a price hike. If it's not at fault, generally the rate should stay the same. Rates may double in the case of at fault, dependant on company. Being a G2 driver already means premiums will increase the parents' policy. If you are in an at fault accident, this will further raise the cost. If you were not at fault, the premiums should NOT increase.

You have to check with the specific insurance company about the terms of your parents' plan.

Off course you can get your parents the medical insurance, many companies in the market provide medical insurance, for your entire family. But just look through the following points before purchasing it: - Coverage - Cashless facility available or not - Which hospitals are covered? - Benefits - Enrollment criteria - Premium amount - Claim facility, etc That having been said, a basic requirement of all insurance is the existence of an "insurable interest". This means that the buyer of the insurance has to have a "stake" in the continued existence, or in this case, well-being, of the insured. Therefore, it would certainly ease the process of you getting the insurance for your parents if they provided support or you were otherwise reliant upon them. In that case, you could stand to "lose" if they got sick. Finally, you are free to pay the premiums of your parents irrespective of the insurable interest requirement.

Your parents may set that rule. And insurance is usually cheaper if the driver has good grades, which may influence your parent's ability to cover you.

Authorities in Arkansas require car owners to insure their vehicles. However, people can have numerous challenges shopping for an insurance policy. For instance, this mandatory expenditure can be hefty. Conversely, with the upsurge of companies now offering auto insurance in Arkansas, their stiff competition for customers drives their rates down. People seeking auto insurance in this area should, therefore, get insurance quotes from different companies and only settle for the best deals.Individuals should determine the coverage fit for them. Insurance premiums set by insurance companies depend on the type of insurance coverage offered. For instance, people who buy comprehensive insurance policies can end up paying more than those who stick to collision coverage. In many occasions, the type of insurance required depends on the model of the vehicle. People should always check the insurance premiums that their vehicle of choice attracts. They can then compare numerous quotes for that particular vehicle model. Finally, they should buy cars with good ratings. This can help them attract lower premiums.Companies that offer auto insurance also provide other types of insurance. For example, apart from motor vehicle insurance, insurance companies in Arkansas offer home, life, business and other forms of insurance. People can get good deals on auto insurance by buying different types of insurance from the same source company. These individuals can get numerous discounts that may significantly lower the amount spent on car insurance. In addition, people who have more than one car should insure them through the same company. By doing this, they can get discounts and will be able to negotiate for lower premiums.People seeking lower car insurance premiums should drive carefully. Many insurance companies impose higher premiums on people they consider high-risk. In most cases, these insurance companies consider people who have poor driving skills as risks. This attribute can be confounded when young divers apply for insurance. Individuals should go for driving courses to avoid accidents as much as possible. Furthermore, teenage drivers should request their parents to insure their vehicles and, thereby, get cheap insurance deals.Everybody can get the best insurance deals in Arkansas. They only have to do the necessary leg work.

I think the wife's insurance is primary.

There are many kinds of insurance. If you are asking about life insurance or health insurance, the minimum age is "at birth." If you are asking about auto insurance, the minimum age is "when they receive their driving permit." Call the insurer the day the permit is issued to have the child added to the parents' policy. I cannot speak to all insurers, but Geico (my insurer) doesn't charge premiums for kids who have driving permits, but does charge when they receive their license.

Will is from South Carolina

If you have an insurable interest, you can take out life insurance on your son. Usually, family members, such as children and parents, have an insurable interest in each other. However, your son would have to know about the life insurance, because he may be required to take a physical exam, and answer some health questions to apply for the life insurance. But, you could be the policy owner, and pay the premiums.

Call a licensed life insurance agent

In answer to your question, teen drivers can get insurance in Illinois. However, they must be covered under their parents' auto insurance policy. The cost will be higher for the parents.

You are 16 can you get your belly button peirced without your parents signature in south Carolina?

No, they are not yet an adult in South Carolina. Until that point, they are the parents' responsibility.

In the state of South Carolina, you can legally leave your parents house without consent when you reach the age of majority. In South Carolina that is age 18.

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