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Opinion and AnswerYES! HE IS! AND IF YOU KNOW THIS HAS HAPPENED REPORT IT OR TELL ME AND I'LL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 17-Year-Old and Young Childrenyes he is, he is sick and he needs help especially if the person is a 5 year old child

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Yes. I assume that if he violated a 5 year old he's attracted to prepubescent children. Even though he's 17 it isn't healthy at any age to feel sexually attracted to prepubescent children.

17 is a bit old it is a bit sick cuz u should be grown up already. BUT if the guy is under 15, and particularly if he's around 13 that is REALLY young and he probably hasn't grown up yet there aer tons of kids around like this. don't believe you are born with it - you are NOT - you just gotta change it, go to church or something lol.

All of that, and not only those, but it's creepy, and wrong.

well he WILL be when he's eighteen!! disgusting!

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Q: If a 17-year-old violates a 5-year-old is he a pedophile?
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