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Yep The 17 year old can be killed in Missouri P.S. I love women

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Can you be charged with trespassing if someone lives there asked you to come over?

If the person who lives there has legal right to be there i.e: owns the house/business, member of the family that lives there, etc . . . then you cannot be charged or prosecuted

What do you call a person who lives in Missouri?

I'm pretty sure you call them a Missourian.

What is difference between an cmigrant and an immigrant?

An emigrant is a person who leaves his/her country. An immigrant is a person who arrives and lives in another country

What percentage of the total US population lives in Missouri?

1.91% of the total US population lives in Missouri.

What percentage of blacks live in Missouri?

Every black that lives in Missouri is 100% black.

What climate does the Missouri tribe live in?

missouri tribe lives in a hot and humid climate

Where does Randy Orton lives?

Randy orton lives in St. Louis Missouri

Where dos joe jona lives?


Where does slim shady live?

he lives in missouri.

If someone has a warrant on them in Missouri but lives in Tennessee will Missouri extradict this person even if the outstanding charge may be a misdemeanor?

What zones are all of the states in the US grouped under for extradition and/or acting on any outstanding warrants? For example, what states are in the same zone as Missouri?

What S is a mollusk that leaves on land?

LIVES or leaves, could you be serious?

Were does Randy Orton lives?

St Louis,Missouri

What is the Illinois unemployement benefit?

if two people earn the same and both work in missouri but one lives in missouri and the other lives in ill. who gets the best benifits.

Who is Brianna Jasmine Baker that lives in Springfield Missouri?

That would be me..

Where does cowboy Rick live?

i think he lives somewhere in Missouri

A person who lives down under?

A person who lives down under, is a person who is AuStRaLiAn

Who is a person who lives alone?

A person who lives alone is called a hermit.

What is a person who lives to drink alcohol?

A person who lives to drink is an alcoholic

Where does shannon miller live?

Shannon Miller lives in Rolla, Missouri

Were does grace bumbry live in Missouri?

She Currently lives in Salzburg,Austria

Where does nevershoutnever live?

He lives in Joplin, Missouri with his friend and his mom in an apartment.

What is a person called who lives in Switzerland?

A person who lives in Switzerland is called a Swiss.

Who is a person who lives in the desert?

I am a person who lives in the Chihuahuan Desert. I am just a simple person and have no special title.

Where does Christopher drew live?

he was born in joplin, missouri, but lives in New Yorkhe does not live in joplin, missouri. since i personally know his family.

What happens to dads who hide their income and assets so they will not have to pay all their child support to mother who lives in Florida?

They can be prosecuted for perjury/contempt.