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For starters the age of consent in Oregon is 18, not 16, and as you are 3 years senior, you could be done for statutory rape!!! Secondly the 16 year old is not allowed to sign a contract, but they may be able to with parental consent. I would wait until the 16 year old reaches 18 before moving in together

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Q: If a 19-year-old has an apartment and wants to have a 16-year-old move in could the 19-year-old cosign on the 16-year-old's application and get the parents' consent in Oregon?
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If there openings at an low income apartment and I filled out a application will I get a apartment?

The first step to getting a low income apartment is filling out the application. If an apartment becomes available and you meet the income guidelines then you will get an apartment.

What is apt. mean on a job application?

"Apt." on a job application stands for "apartment." If you live in an apartment, put in the number or floor there (such as Apt. 1 or 2nd Floor). If you don't live in an apartment, leave it blank.

What is a short sentence with the word application?

Here are some sentences.She filled out a loan application.His application for an apartment was rejected.

Do some housing authority mail apartment application?


When you get an application for a section 8 apartment what should you say?

Just ask for the application. The basis for qualification is determined there, not just in asking for the application.

How to apply for an apartment?

Go to the apartment complex your interested in, get an application from the manager and fill it out and turn it in (usually with a fee of 20-50 dollars_

Can a person with a state tax lien get an apartment?

There's really no reason why not, except if the apartment does a credit check and they decide that it's reason enough to deny your application. It's really the apartment owner's decision.

How long does an apartment application take?

Sometimes two to three days or two weeks.

What are the consequences of lying on rental application?

The consequences for lying on a rental application is probably going to be the same as lying on a job application: if you do get an apartment and it is later found that your application was false your lease could be terminated and you could be evicted. However, in most cases it depends on the type of lie that was detected. For example if you deny that you have criminal record, especially a sex offense, and they find that you do have criminal record you obviously will be denied an apartment. The general rule is: if you're going to fill out an application for anything, be it a job or an apartment, anticipate that all the information on it will be verified. This is especially true in apartment applications because apartment complex owners and managers are obliged to protect the residents of their complex by filtering out people who do not meet the minimum rental criteria, such as an acceptable credit history and acceptable criminal record.

Can you rent an apartment with no employment but will pay for the apartment in full for the year?

If you sign only a 1 year lease some apartments will allow you to do that if you pay the amount in a cashiers check or money order. Let them know when turning in your application your situation. -Assistant Apartment Manager

Can you put in an application for an apartment while you're 17 if I wait until I'm 18 to move out?

{| |- | You could sign an application. You may be asked to resign the application once you reach the age of 18. That insures that the agreement is legal and can be enforced. |}

How to Save Money on Apartment Application Fees?

Most people can save money on apartment application fees.This is true because most people can find deals on most apartment application fees if they are willing to shop around. To see what we mean, here are some tips that can help consumers save money on most apartment application fees:Try to get free copies of your credit report before searching for an apartment.Most landlords charge an extravagant amount of money for a simple credit check. Many apartment hunters can bypass this expense by obtaining free copies of their credit report from the federal government’s annual credit report website. If you plan to do this, be sure to make several copies of your report. This will help you streamline the application process.Try to rent an apartment that is owned by a private owner.It is a good idea to rent an apartment that is owned by a private owner. This is the case because most private owners offer discounts on application fees to entice tenants to move in to their apartments. Many private owners can afford to do this because they often have lower overhead and advertising costs than real estate firms who rent out apartments.If you can, try to apply for an apartment online.Many landlords are starting to offer prospective tenants discounts on rental applications that are processed online. This is true because landlords can save money screening potential tenants by processing rental applications online. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask prospective landlords if they offer application fee discounts for online rental applications.Finally, be sure to look for apartment owners who charge low apartment reservation fees.Many renters can save money on reservation fee costs by doing business with apartment owners who charge low apartment reservation fees. This is especially true in larger US cities that have high apartment vacancy rates. Renters can find these owners by searching for ads in apartment rental guides that are published by Primedia and other publishers which cater to apartment owners. Look for these guides in supermarkets, restaurants and other popular places that cater to people looking for information while on the go.

Can felons get a apartment in boise idaho?

Yes. Clearview Property Management rents to felons without drug or sex related crimes.It isn't easy, most apartment complexes will require an application with identification and references. Most of them will do a background search and reference check. In the majority of the apartment complexes, upon learning that you are a FELON, your application for an apartment will be denied.If you get into an apartment by lying on an application by not disclosing that you are a FELON, it can result in immediate eviction and possibly more criminal problems.You have to put yourself in the position of the landlord to understand the process. I owned some apartments and I required every applicant to fill out an application. I wanted the best renters I could have in my apartments. Ones with good jobs, who could pay the rent on time and ones with the least amount of problems. Wouldn't you? As part of the application process, I met with the applicant and interviewed the applicant. After receiving 25-50 applications I would narrow it down to 5-10. I would read the application carefully and yes there was a box on the application for 'Have you been convicted of a FELONY'. I would contact their references. Do a background search. After this process, I would pick my renter.Good luck!

What is an administration fee on an apartment rental lease?

It's not really the rental lease on which there is an administration fee, it's the application for the lease, which is collected at the time of the application. This covers the cost of processing the application, most notably, including conducting background checks.

Should a Realtor for someone wanting to rent an apartment take more than one application at a time for an available apartment?

Apartments are first come first serve. They can accept numerous applications, but the first with the deposit should get it.

After turning all the paperwork in for a low income apartment how long does it take to get the apartment?

It will really depend on the low income apartments office as to how long an application will take to be approved. It could take up to 6 months or longer.

Can an apartment manager deny an application of one of two prospective tenants who intend to share an apartment?

If Jack and Jill wish to rent an apartment, the manager has the right to deny Jack's application and to only accept Jill's. Then the manager can, at his discretion, rent the apartment only to Jill. So, only Jill's name shall appear on the lease. However, Jill can then bring in Jack as a roomate and the manager can do nothing about it. Jack can live there with Jill as long as they please (legally). However, the manager shall never be obligated to add Jack's name to the lease (under current law).

Status of application?

If you have applied for an apartment or to rent a home, you will need to allow some time before you check the status of your application. After waiting one to five days, call the manager and ask if a decision has been made.

Need words that start off with ap?

ape, apt, apart, appoint, appointment, apartment, apprentice, aperture, appreciate,application,apple,

What is Apt on an application?

Apt. stands for unit number. If you live in a house the answer is n/a. By the way it is also frequently listed as "Unit Number, Unit, Unit#, Apartment Number, Apt# or apt#" If you live in an apartment, you want to add your unit number, such as 1001, 305, 4B or A so the person receiving the application has the residential info they need to contact you or verify what you wrote.

What are some examples of credit references to give on an application for an apartment?

There are many different references you may need to provide before leasing an apartment. Some credit references could be your car payment, any personal loans or previous landlords.

Do you have to pay an application fee for an apartment?

Most property managers require an application fee to see the Tenant's seriousness in the rental. Also, they want to make sure you are not wasting their time with bad credit or bad rental history.

is this low income housing for families and single people...subsidized housing where they charge by income. if so i would like an application.....where can i get one?

There are plenty of apartment buildings that subsidize housing. You need to apply directly at the apartment complex that you're interested in. yes

Do you have to add an application letter to a cover letter?

Yes! I am applying for a apartment with very little to make me an attractive candidate. if i were to add a cover letter which explains my history, why i want the apartment, and what would make me a good tenant, would this make any difference to my success?

Where can I get the application for low income apartment?

Give the Los Angeles HUD a call and ask for a form. It can take a long time to fill out, however. Hello California your Commander and Chief President Sidney application for low income appartments in sacramento