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i think you should try a new alternator buddy. u shold be getting 14+ volts

maybe that will work :)

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 20:59:50
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Q: If a 1981 Lincoln Town Car is getting 10 plus volts to the distributor but no amps what could cause this?
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What could cause a 1994 Mazda mx 2.0 not to spark?

Bad Distributor

Would distributor cap and rotor cause miss in car?

Yes, they could.

What would cause cylinder 6 to misfire in a 4.6L 1996 Lincoln Town Car?

a simple cause would be if distributor equiped carbon trace on the distributor cap,bad contact point,bad ignition wire(spark plug wire) if direct ignition then it could be a bad coil. another reason a clogged injector.,low compression.

What would cause 1994 Honda 1.5 not to fire?

could be your igniion coil. It is located inside of the distributor cap. If you havent gave your car a tune up recently, it could be your spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap or the rotor inside of the distributor. And if all these things are ok, make sure the engine is getting fuel. If not, it could be a clogged fuel filter or the fuel pump could be messed up. The fuel injectors could be clogged also

1997 Chrysler Cirrus it starts when its warm out when its cold in moring it sometimes wont start What could cause t to do that?

Moisture is getting into the distributor cap. It evaporates when it gets warm out. Replace it.

What could be wrong with a 1978 dodge ram when it not getting fire from the distributor?

dodge 360 getting fire to coil none from dist

Could a bad distributor cause a car to misfire or sputter?

Yes, that is one of many possibilities.

What could cause a 1993 ford probe to have no spark but your gas pump works?

distributor is likely bad

What could cause a miss in the 2000 Lincoln LS 3.9?

one of the coils

What would cause a 1988 Lincoln Mark 7 not to have any spark?

Possibly a bad module it is located on the side of the distributor. Could also be a bad coil or just the wiring to either the coil or the module. Hope this helps Mark VII Heaven

When the humidity is high your 1999 Nissan pickup wants to die or act like its not getting gas what would cause this?

Plug wires may have become porous and need replacing Check distributor cap and coil Could be carbon buildup inside the distributor cap, humidity makes it arc and short out.

What could cause soreness in one testicle?

Normally getting kicked in said testicle could cause soreness.

1991 f150 straight 6 4.9 no spark getting power from coil to distributor but not out of distributor?

The internal hall effect switch could be bad or the module that is bolted to the side of the distributor. Most Advance auto parts stores can test the module for you.

Wet weather cause Chevrolet truck to miss 1997 5.7?

Distributor cap could have a hair line crack in it.

What would cause no spark on a 1999 Honda civic si?

There could be several things to cause no spark, but one I have ran into is the Ignition Control Module inside the distributor or the coil inside is bad. If your plug wires are good and your wiring to the distributor checks out, then it's either the coil or the ignition control module. Both are inside the distributor.

What would cause a Lincoln Navigator to start then die?

It could be one of your vaccum lines that collapsed

What would cause no spark in a 1990 new yorker?

could be a bad coil but a distant second is a badly cracked distributor cap.

Why is your 1984 Chevy truck getting no spark?

What i would do first is check the distributor cap and rotary button that's what usually goes bad first. if that's not it it could be the coil or maybe even the distributor itself.

What could be the cause for no spark to the plugs on a Chevy s10 blazer 4.3 votexi have changed the distributor and coil and cps and ecm and the pcm.?

The magnetic plate in the distributor shaft, for the pick up coil, may be cracked.

What could be the hazards of getting perfume into your eyes?

You could be blinded or it could cause headace problems or brain damage

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What could cause the antifreeze to blow out of the top seam of your radiator on your 1994 Lincoln Continental?

your radiator broke!!!!

Could a blown fuse cause the air conditioner in a Lincoln Town Car to stop working?


What would cause a S10 Chevy pickup to jerk when driving down the road?

Could be spark in the motor, or the distributor and rotor need to be replaced.

What would cause a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron to not have power to the distributor?

There could be a few things on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron causing the distributor not to have power. But first I would check the spark plugs and see if maybe they have gone bad.