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the only fuel filter on a 86 caprice is right before the carb in the line. Just remove that line carfully as not to damage the nut use a line wrench to prevent disaster and dont bend line because it could cause breakage or creases. don;t worry about the gas that comes out of the carb and line just let it evaporate before trying to start car.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-08 09:09:38
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Q: If a 1986 Caprice Classic will not stay running after having ran out of gas is there a filter that may have trash in it?
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The exact same one that is in it now.

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Please be more specific. Are you looking for a diagram? Do you need to know what it means? Are you having a problem with vacuum system?.

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Don`t. Take It To A Good Radiator Shop Have Them Do It. They Use Plastic And Aluminum To Make Radiators Now, Not Like Years Back When They Were Copper. I Suggest You Either Let It Be If Your Are Not Having Trouble Or Have a Shop Do This.

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I wish i could just say it was this or that, but you really didn't say if you were having any problems with the car before, or if it running great, whatever the case it would be alot easier if ya were a bit more specific, in my expiriance, only a really clogged fuel line filter would be the first thing I would check, as when you run you car completely out, all gunk in the tank goes from swimming on top of the fuel to being drawn into the filter, thus a no start condition, ck your pressure at the TBI or carb whichever you have, pull the lead rubber line and have a friend crank it over, use a mason jar or something to insert the gas line to catch the fuel just in case.zNothing happens get under the car, right side of car looking from behind it, filter is probably bolted to the framerail in front of the RR tire.jr

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