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I had one of these , same year & same problem, there is a fuel filter on the inside driver side frame rail replace it & take the truck in to get the fuel injecters cleaned for fun, worked for me, the cleaning of the injectors should be done due to all the crap that has been sent down the line since the filter is clogged, this will take care of the problem.

when was the last time you had the oil and filter changed in your transmission? Had mine serviced and got power back and got rid of the bucking and hesitation.

you have water in the gas tank, ya see over time, the in side of your tank sweats beleave it or not the water goes through your system an as we know water does not spark and as your driveing the gas and water mix and at high speed that's when it gos through makeing it act simple, well you got a quick fix my friend ,what you need to do is go to your parts store and tell them you need something to take the water out of your gas tank, no I'm not jokeing, thay will know what your talking about, now it mite take two treatments to get it out but it work beleave been there done that . good luck your pal al.

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Q: If a 1986 Ford F-150 302 FI lacks power and at 55mph bucks and hesitates is it the fuel pump or filter or injectors or plugs?
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91 gmc suburban gets fuel to tbi but won't spray through injectors?

i dont know what is wrong with it . it gets fuel to the tbi but it wont spray through the injectors at all I had an 88' Silverado that did it too. I replaced both injectors on the TBI and it worked fine. The injectors cost me about 50 bucks each.

How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1994 Ford F-150 302 V8?

i had to buy a line tool from the auto parts store 7 bucks and 6 bucks for the filter so im good just a heads up

What could leak oil from above the filter 1994 Lincoln town car?

its your oil filter adapter.its a seal that costs 5 bucks

How much will a speeding ticket cost in California for doing 85mph in a 55mph zone?

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What to do to 92 Plymouth acclaim when it bucks hesitates and sometimes stalls while driving?

trade it in, or sew whoever sold it to you as a lemon, unless you bought new or as is.ORget it inspected and try to find out whats wrong with it

Where is the hydraulic filter in a Massey Ferguson 175?

Behind front grill in a canister. Simply unscrew the canister and there is a cartridge filter inside. Car Quest carries the replacement filter for around 40 bucks.

Do you need special tools to change a fuel filter on a 2005 mustang?

yes, a tool that looks like scissors, its designed to get the clips off the fuel filter lines. its like 5 bucks at an autoshop yes, a tool that looks like scissors, its designed to get the clips off the fuel filter lines. its like 5 bucks at an autoshop

Can any one Cross reference Kubota air filter K1211-82320?

On end of stock filter from dealer showed filter as a Fleetguard AF-25550, noted can get them for about five bucks cheaper. Also a Baldwin RS3715

What is the average price of a fuel filter?

fuel injection usually 10-15 bucks lolona mikuuku nipigu bozala

Should you change the oil filter when you change the oil in a 2002 Malibu?

YES! Never change the oil without changing the filter. Not changing the filter will save you what, 5 bucks. Replacing the engine that you will blow in the process will cost, maybe $800 to $1200. Do the math then go out and CHANGE THE FILTER. Put an air filter in it while you are at it.

What oil filter wil cross reference to bush hog 50032929?

WIX pn 51553 at NAPA stores for about 10 bucks

What is wrong with a 1997 Integra LS that bucks in lower RPMs and feels like it is not getting enough power but you know it is getting enough fuel?

First, run a compression check. If that's not it it could be ignition or injectors.

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