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This is actually to be expected to a certain extent with these cars, since they are designed to inject a small amount of oil into the combustion chamber to cool and lubricate the seals. When the engine is shut off the last bit of this injected oil does not get burned off, and just sits in the combustion chamber. It is then burned at startup along with freshly injected oil, giving a "double dose" for a second or two. I would be more concerned if, after sitting a while, the motor DIDN'T produce a little blue smoke. Now if it looks like you're fogging for mosquitoes, I'd say your rebuild wasn't a complete success, but as long as the smoking stops within a few seconds, I'd say it's OK. I totally agree with the above answer... I've owned 2 RX7's and the both blew blue smoke at start up. ZOOM ZOOM!!!!!!!!!!

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Ditto. I own one with 63,000 miles on it and it does it too.

my 84 rx7 has 160,000 miles and does it aswell and she still runs stong

these motors, 12A and the 13B, have an oil metering pump that injects oil into the rotor housings every time you use the gas pedal. so the more that you pump the gas the more oil that is injected into the housings. its to help all the seals and apex seals to live in the harsh temps in a rotor motor.(long time rotary driver and racer) thanks

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Q: If a 1987 RX-7 1.3 B rotary engine has been rebuilt why would it blow blue smoke on cold starts for a few seconds and then run fine?
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