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It could very well be the catalatic convertor on the engine. Have it checked out.

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What might cause hard 1-2 automatic transmission shifting in a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

I have a 2002 Moutianeer, and not to long ago had a problem with the shifting. It would struggle, then shift real hard into 2nd. I had to have a tramsmission overhaul done. Thank God it was under warrenty.

Why is your 1998 Nissan Sentra with automatic transmission shifter not shifting out of park?

The shifter linkage might be jammed or disconnected. The shifting sensor, that detects if the brake is engaged, may be malfunctioning.

Dodge stratus shifting problem?

A Dodge Stratus shifting problem might begin because of dirty transmission fluid. This problem could also be caused by damage to the transmission due to wear and tear or low fluid.

2000 jeep automatic is not shifting correctly after it gets hot why?

A 2000 Jeep automatic that is not shifting correctly after it gets hot might have something wrong with the speed sensor that is located in the transmission. The speed sensor tells the transmission what gear to shift into at certain speeds.

What causes a auto transmission to be slow shifting from first to second?

An automatic transmission might be slow shifting from first to second because of low transmission fluid. You might also have damaged the gears in the transmission at the area between first and second.

Is a 110cc pocket bike automatic?

Not usually. If they say automatic, they probably mean semiautomatic. This means it is partly automatic, but not fully. This basically means it has and automatic clutch and the shifting pattern is usually neutral is down and 3 or 4 up. If it is automatic it might have a CVT auto transmission, which are fully automatic, but most of the pocket bikes do not seem to use them.

What does it mean when you hear a clunking noise when your K1500 automatic transmission shifts gears and it appears to happen when accelerating slowly and not when accelerating faster?

A clunking noise when shifting gears on a K1500 automatic transmission, might mean a problem with the drive axle or drive shaft. Check all U-Joints to make sure they are working properly.

What might prevent a 97 Eagle Talon from shifting into gear after replacing the wiring harness and steering column?

If the trans. is an automatic, the prob. might be in the trans. shift interlock solenoid. This is a solenoid that prevents shifting into gear unless your foot is on the brake pedal. The solenoid is located on the steering column or under the center console on floor shift models. Check to see if you have any connectors unplugged at these locations, if you do, find where it goes and your problem may go away.

Is there a transmission concern with an automatic 93 Camry that does not shift smoothly from 25-30 or from 35-40mph?

Yes there is a transmission problem but it is hard to tell what until you take the car in and have it looked at? It might have old fluid, bad parts, or a number of things. I would only be concerned only if it hasn't does this before so i am saying did the car do this shifting problem when you got it? if so, have it looked at.

What does TH stand for on a handgun?

It depends on the brand. It might stand for "Taurus Handgun" if it's a Taurus. What brand is it?

Hear like water running sound in dash of Ford Taurus?

Does your Taurus have a Moon Roof? I had one installed in my Taurus -- now, every time it rains, parts of the vehicles frame fills up with water and "slaushes" (runs, gurgles)...I think, most notably, during turns. I now keep my car in a carport, so have less of a problem with it. Whether added later or factory installed, that might be your problem. ;)

If you changed the battery in a 1993 Dodge Intrepid 3.3 automatic and now it will not change gears what could be the problem?

check your alternator it might be bad.

What can cause lights to go dim at high engine rpm in Ford Taurus 1996?

I'd check the alternator. It might have a problem maintaining brush contact at high speed.

Replaced the heater core on a 1988 Ford Taurus and now you dont have bilnkers or hazards what might be the problem?

recheck where you were at to replace the heater core,might have accidentally un plugged something.also look into blown fuses . good luck

When to use the advantages of problem solving?

When facing a problem might be a good time!When facing a problem might be a good time!When facing a problem might be a good time!When facing a problem might be a good time!

What might be the cause for 1995 ford Taurus with 3 Liter V6 and automatic transmission to feel slipping or sluggish when starting to shift from first to second then shifts hard when the gear changes?

The first thing I would do is change the transmission filter and fluid and have the transmission flushed. This is the cheapest thing you can do to remedy the problem, and it should be done every few years. I hope this helps you. Mark

Why would your transmission pop out of gear shifting into first on a 92 eclipse gsx?

Bad syncro in the transmission, mainly bad transmission. Hard shifting can cause the problem. Transmission can be rebuild or syncro replaced possibly might be cheaper just to get a new one from the junk yard. dont race a stock transmission on a 92 eclipse.

Why would a car stall shifting from park to reverse?

A car might stall when shifting from park to reverse if the idle is set too low. It is also possible that the engine stalls because it is not fully warmed up before shifting from park to reverse.

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The area of greatest tornado activity appears to be shifting northward. It is unknown how this might affect tornado intensity.

Why do your back wheels lock up when you apply the brakes?

they were probably installed wrong you might need to get a brake job on the rear to fix the problem if you do it yourself use a manuel to see which shoe goes where it also might be the automatic adjusters

Is a 93 Bonneville automatic or manual?

There might be a manual version of this car but it will be so rare that it is unfindable It is an automatic

Why does third gear grind on a 1998 jeep wrangler?

Your transmission synchros might be going out. Also, shift slower and see if that helps. A Jeep isn't a racecar, so shifting slower is easier on the transmission. Changing transmission fluid to a different brand might also help your problem.

What causes erratic idle when shifting to reverse?

might be bad motor mount / or electrical short

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