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First of all I would not rebuild this engine. Either purchase a used engine at a salvage yard or purchase a crate engine from GM or rebuilt engine from a reputible rebuilder. A crate engine from GM will come with a 3/36 warranty, and you have a new engine ready for many years of service. You will be suprised at how resonable they are on price as compared to the price of a rebuild. Make sure there isn't some damage to the crankcase. You'll obviously need a new crankshaft and also make sure the crankshaft main journals have been "align bored", just in case anything was bent when the rods gave out. Don't trust any of the pistons and you should probably replace all of the rods, or at a minimum have both big and little end reconditioned. When you're done, make sure the problem wasn't caused by a lean condition that burned a piston. Also, it could have been a timing chain that caused a couple valves to kiss some pistons, destroying them and leading to the rod through the pan. If it was a timing chain, make sure the heads are not cracked and have the machine shop pay attention to the guides and valve seats. If any cylinders are scored or tapered you'll need to have them bored. It sounds pretty bad, good luck and be suspicious of just about everything on the engine in a situation like this.

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Q: If a 1990 GMC Sierra 350 threw two rods through the oil pan what should you check when rebuilding?
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