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The solenoid will be over by the battery, attached to the radiator support. But, it could be a bad ignition switch, bad battery connections, bad ground, or even the wire at the starter could be loose. You will need either a voltmeter (DMM/AVMM)or a test light. It would be good to have a friend help you out with this.

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Q: If a 1992 F150 six cylinder was fine then wouldn't start but the battery is OK is this most likely the solenoid where is it and how do you test it?
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1999 neon new starter just clicks?

if you put it in yourself did you disconnect the battery first? if you didnt then you may have grounded out the solenoid. either way the most likely causes are the solenoid or the battery.

Will a bad solenoid keep draining the battery ford windstar 2001?

A slight possibility but not likely

Will a bad solenoid make no noise when you turn on ignition?

If your battery has a full charge, and NO noise is heard. It is most likely a lose or broken wire from the battery to ignition switch or from ignition switch to solenoid. A bad neutral switch may also be the problem or a blown fuse. A clicking noise would indicate bad solenoid contacts or a low battery charge. Although the a solenoid may be at fault, the other reasons are more likely. Note: On cars without automatic transmissions, check the clutch interlock switch.

Charged battery for serveral hours but car still wont start and makes a clicking sound?

change the battery every time I've had that it's been the battery the likely problem is not the battery but the solenoid that is attached to the starter motor

Your F150 will not start and will not take a jump the alternator solenoid and battery were replaced is it most likely the starter?

Starter Ignition Neutral switch

What does it mean when your car makes one click and and does not start and the battery is fully charged?

Most likely the starter solenoid needs replacement

What is wrong with a car when it won't start is just makes clicking sound?

battery or corroded connection on battery One click most likely is a bad starter motor or solenoid. Many clicks battery or connection problem.

What would cause a starter to keep engaging by itself?

Most likely the solenoid or wiring depending on the vehicle. A starter needs 2 things to operate. A current to close the circuit in the solenoid (small wire/trigger wire) and a power source to turn the starter itself (large battery cable). Battery cable goes directly to the starter from the positive battery terminal with an on/off switch in between (solenoid). The trigger wire (small wire) controls the solenoid by closing the circuit when there is power supplied to the small wire. If there is no power at the small wire then the solenoid must be stuck in the closed position unless the large battery cables to the solenoid are connected incorrectly.

Why would a car make a clicking noise when you try to start it?

dead battery..not enough chargeAnswerA loose connection can also cause the clicking, check the cables. If the battery is years or older, replace it. The alternater may not be charging the battery or there may be a parasitic draw draining the battery. AnswerIt could be anything electrical. Most likely, if the battery is charged, and the cables are tight, it could be the starter. More commonly the solenoid. Try tapping the solenoid with the car off, and try starting it. If after this, the car starts.. then you need to check into replacing the solenoid, or the entire starter motor, if the solenoid is connected to the starter.

Dead battery ford van put in new one still no start?

Then the problem could be either the solenoid or the starter. Most likely it is the starter.

My cub cadet wont start when turning switch it makes aclicking sound that comes from on top of pullie over blade?

That is probably your solenoid. It is what tells the battery to send voltage to the starter so it will crank the engine over. Most of the time it is just a low battery that makes it make that sound. There isn't enough voltage to keep the solenoid engaged. Although, it could be a bad solenoid. If jumping it doesn't start it then it is more than likely the solenoid. If jumping does start it then you need a battery.

1965 Ford F-250 camper special how do you fix a electrical problem where you are getting no power to anything however when you bypass the solenoid and run a cable straight to the starter it turns?

If You Are Running A Cable From The Battery ( Bypassing The Solenoid ) You Starter Runs Then It Would Most Likely Be You Have Lost Connection On The Solenoid From The Battery Side. ie You Probable Have More Than One Cable On The Battery Incomming Side Of Solenoid Clean All Cables At Battery And Where They Connect To Engine Block ( Negative ) And All Positive Connections Also Check Battery Cables Sometimes They Will Accumilate Lots Of Corrosion Under The Plastic Cable Covers On The Battery End Of Cable, Replace Cable If This Is So. If This Gets It Going I Suggest You Replace Solenoid Also. BEST I CAN DO

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