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I just put a motor in my truck TPI 350, and same thing happened to me, i automatically thought head gaskets so i tore it down replaced them... put it back together and its still there...... Im starting to think its fuel related (smells like gas, not like antifreeze) I noticed my fuel rail isn't holding pressure , maybe an injector is sticking wide open, because i have hered that raw unburnt fuel can cause white smoke..... check ur injectors, fuel pressure regulator and all that stuff..........

To check if the head gaskets are blown, do a compression check on each cylinder and compare values. You can also do a leak down and see if there is a cylinder that is out of spec. You can also check the injectors with a scan tool. You can purchase this for normally about $40 froma parts store or even Walmart. Run the Key on Engine Running (KOER) test, follow this with a pressing of the gas pedal while the computer is giving you the codes it read. This will initiate a fuel injector test, where the computer will vary the engine RPM and injector pulse to test the injectors. This should help you trace the problem....

I had a similar problem with my 94 mustang. My problem was that the CPU (computer) went on it. It began to tell the number 5 injector to stay open which flooded the cylinder with gas. This killed the spark plug so the gas couldn�t burn itself off either. This caused WHITE SMOKE to come from the exhaust. As well, because the rings on the piston are only designed to stop oil which is thick and air, the gas that pooled in the cylinder drained down into the oil. Which sucked because I had just done an oil change the night before.

Phil, Mississauga Ontario

Phil is probably correct. I went through the same thing with my 94 and nothing helped until we realized the computer had stuck the #6 injector wide open. for some reason, the computers in these cars seem to draw moisture to them to help them corrode. I'd check your computer before anything it's not actually all that expensive to change.

Phil i must say that you guys are right my daughter has a 94 mustang that encounterd the same symptoms.(the flooding)after pulling it apart. but only to change#6 injecter (that was stuck open) put it back together started it up still smelt like a gas can. and still smoked (white) and poured raw gas out tailpipe. no traces of water in crankcase or oil in radiator...(i decided to go on your answer and low and behold)( NOT A HEAD GASKET) i changed the computer located on the passengers kick panel and that silver box did it. runs like new. thanks a billion total bill $100 from a auto wrecker..thanks again......and its weird that it was the same cylinder #6 it acually killed the ground for that#6 (fuel injector)

...David and Britt .... Vancouver (Langley) BC

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Q: If a 1994 Mustang is blowing white smoke that smells like gas and the engine lacks power and the oil has gas mixed in it how can you fix this?
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